Holiday Gift Guide

Zendure has a great selection of gifts for all of your loved ones. Let this guide help you stay on the “nice list” with your family and friends.

  • For Him

    Zendure external battery for him

    We all have that guy in our lives who seems to be prepared for anything. Help him uphold that reputation with an A5 Portable Charger in Silver or Black and a stylish Gray Lightning Cable to match. And to keep the power levels topped off, don’t forget our new 4-Port Quick Charge Power Supply, which comes with free travel adapters.

    A5 Portable Charger
    "Outstanding product. [...]One of the best useful products that I bought in FY15."

  • For Her

    Zendure external battery for her

    The A2 Portable Charger in Black or Silver is a reliable power bank that won’t slow down the busy women in your life. Give the gift of convenience and sophistication with a super-fast 1-Port Quick Charge Wall Charger and a beautiful Rose Gold Lightning Cable.

    Lightning Cables
    "It's a little weird that I'm geeking out over this item. It's just a charging cable... but it is JUST right for my application in so many ways. I would highly recommend."

  • For Kids

    Zendure external battery for kids

    No one can burn through a phone battery more quickly than our kids. With all the games and social media apps on their phones, they need a reliable way to keep their phone going and stay in touch. The A3 Portable Charger is the ideal external battery for kids. It doesn’t take up too much space in a backpack, it holds plenty of power in case they forget to charge it for a couple days, and it has two ports for shared charging and peace of mind for their friends’ parents.

    A3 Portable Charger
    "Lasts long and very Durable!"

  • Ultimate Gift Set for Less Than $100

    The new A8 QC Portable Charger and 4-Port QC Wall Charger were designed to work as a team. Both have Qualcomm Quick Charge technology built in for maximum charging performance. Four changing ports and high power output on both devices means these two the ultimate “power couple”.

  • Stocking Stuffer

    Zendure gift guide

    Here’s our ideal stocking-stuffer surprise: Picture a stocking loaded to the top with the usual fruits and nuts, and at the bottom, stuffed into the tip of the toe, is our best-selling A2 Portable Charger in Silver or Black. They’ll be so overjoyed, they might even forget to check under the tree for more presents.