Zendure’s New Global Travel Adapter Project Funded on Kickstarter in Less Than Two Days

Zendure’s New Global Travel Adapter Project Funded on Kickstarter in Less Than Two Days

Zendure’s crowdfunding campaign for their latest universal travel adapter has reached its fundraising goal of $30,000 USD after less than 48 hours on Kickstarter. The adapter, called Passport, was announced on Monday and wrapping up its second day of promotion when it hit the target.

Passport is the first global travel adapter to include an auto-resetting fuse that does not need to be replaced if too much current is drawn. The adapter also features “Press and Slide” controls for one-handed operation, as well as four USB ports and AC output with a child-safe shield.

More than 800 backers have supported Passport so far, taking advantage of the offered free international shipping.

“We first launched our company four years ago on Kickstarter, so it feels great to get back to our roots for Passport,” said Tom Haflinger, founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Zendure. The company’s first product was the A-Series Portable Charger, a durable backup battery for smartphones that gained over $200,000 in crowdfunding in 30 days. The A-Series is now available in dozens of countries in a variety of sizes and colors.

“We’re talking with a lot of new backers as well as people who supported the A-Series,” said Haflinger. There’s a lot of excitement over this project.”

In addition to direct support from backers, Passport has earned a top-three spot among the most popular projects in the design category on Kickstarter and top-five placement over all.

Zendure has also announced two “stretch goals” for their campaign. If $500,000 or more is pledged, they will offer Passport in two extra colors, black and silver, in addition to the original white. At $1,000,000, the company will make available an accessory module with high-power USB-C output. Passport’s crowdfunding campaign will end on July 26, 2017, and delivery of the product is estimated for September 2017.

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