Zendure Features Local Artist’s Work to Mark Five-Year Anniversary

Zendure Features Local Artist’s Work to Mark Five-Year Anniversary

Zendure is celebrating five years in Silicon Valley with a limited edition version of their popular X6 USB-C PD Power Bank and Hub. The limited edition portable charger features artwork created by APEXER, a San Francisco mainstay whose murals can be seen throughout the city and around the world.

Touted as “the most versatile USB-C PD power bank and hub ever”, X6 is a portable charger with 20,100mAh of capacity, a 45W USB-C PD input/output port, and four USB-A outputs. With a compatible 45W or greater charger, X6 can be recharged in about three hours. Zendure’s consumer research led to the inclusion of several other standout features.

In addition to charging phones and compatible laptops, X6 can function as a USB-A hub, with two of its USB ports offering both power and data transfer.

X6 features “X-Charge”, a low-power compatibility mode for wearables and other devices that draw very little current. Traditional power banks have a minimum limit for how much current a device must draw. If the flow of power falls below this limit, then the power bank will shut off. Zendure’s X-Charge mode, which can be turned on or off by the user, removes this limitation, improving compatibility with wireless earbuds, smart watches, fitness devices and much more.

When Zendure started selling portable chargers, they were one of the first to bring pass-through charging capability to the mainstream, allowing their power banks to charge themselves and other devices simultaneously. The company took that technology a step further with X6. The “most versatile” power bank can switch seamlessly from battery to pass-through delivery, effectively functioning as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for network, security and other applications.

X6 also has a digital LED display, which indicates the remaining charge and informs the user whether X-Charge mode is enabled.

The limited edition X6 has all of the features of the classic X6 and is decorated on the front and back with a mural design created by APEXER. The original work can be seen in the Mission District on the corner of 18th Street and Guerrero.


“We’re always working to make sure that our products are beautiful inside and out, so to speak,” said Tom Haflinger, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Zendure, “but for our five year anniversary, we wanted to do something really special and meaningful. This piece by APEXER, and his whole body of work, reflect the spirit of the Bay Area. Sharing it with the rest of the world is our way of celebrating this place and showing our appreciation for the opportunity to do what we do here.”

The artful X6 USB-C Power Bank and Hub is available for pre-order in limited quantities and for a limited time on Zendure’s website. (https://zendure.com/collections/a-series-portable-chargers/products/limited-edition-x6-apexer)

Shipping is planned for mid-December 2018.