Wireless Charging Tech at CES 2019

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CES is a global stage for innovation. On January 8, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) began in Las Vegas. According to CTA, the organizer of the event, CES 2019 would attract 4,500 exhibitors and 180,000 attendees from 155 countries around the world. The event showcases many products and technologies that promote the progress and development of The Times at CES. Look at the radio, TV, laptop, smart phone, VR/AR, driverless cars, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and so on, which one has not brought great changes to our lives? Among them, wireless charging is undoubtedly a hot spot in CES this year. After visiting CES 2019, we have found two major applications of wireless charging.

Wireless Charging.zendure

Starting in the first half of 2018, a lot of electronic products have started to use "wireless charging" technology. You could simply place your phone elegantly on a small, disc-like object and charge it easily without wiring it up. Wireless charging is most widely used in mobile phones. In addition to the mobile phone, manufacturers produced wireless charging mobile phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S9. Some manufacturers focusing on charging accessories have also made a great breakthrough in wireless charging. Their wireless chargers generally have higher compatibility and adaptability.

Zendure 3-in-1 Super Wireless Charger: A USB-C PD Adapter and Hub with Built-In Wireless Charging Capability

CES Wireless Charging.zendure

During CES 2019, as a veteran exhibitor, Zendure showcased some of its newest innovations with an immersive exhibition at The Venetian Resort. Zendure’s exhibition took place from January 8-10 and attracted many visitors to experience and test out the newest Zendure products.

Among all the products on display,  this 3 in 1 wireless charger is one of the most attractive products. It could be used as a Hub to sync your files and data between several devices, as an adapter to travel worldwide with you, and it’s a cool wireless charger as well.

In addition to this versatile charger, Zendure’s other star product, A8PD Pro was also unveiled at CES 2019. Comparing to A8PD, A8PD Pro is updated in charging speed. It is a 26,800mAh portable charger with two USB-C PD ports and up to 160W DC output.

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At CES 2019, tens of thousands of visitors are drawn to Zendure's industry-leading products and technologies, and we're getting a sense that Zendure is taking charging accessories manufacture to the extreme from 2013 until now. All the time, Zendure’s mission is to deliver top-quality consumer electronics that exceed consumer expectations using high-end materials, premiere product development partners and user-centric design.

Power Bank.zendure

Now, with the arrival of electric cars, wireless charging has been more widely used, from an earlier wireless charging mobile phone to a wireless charging car.

Honda Charging New Technology: Two-Way Wireless Charging

It's no longer hard to charge a car wirelessly, at CES 2019, Honda took things a step further by introducing its two-way wireless charging technology.

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Honda's so-called two-way wireless charging technology, unlike existing wireless charging can only be charged to the car through the grid. Instead, it enables two-way wireless charging, which allows the grid to charge the car as well as the car to charge the grid. Such a design might not make much sense for a pure electric car, which would only be able to charge the remaining electricity back into the grid to subsidize electricity bills. But perhaps two-way wireless charging is a good way to make money on hybrids that can be powered by an engine.

Technology makes everything possible. Did these wireless charging technologies show at CES in 2019 blow your mind? The next CES 2020 will be held on Jan.7-10.

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Who would have thought that wireless charging, smart phones, voice assistants and the Internet of things have now revolutionized the way society works, and our lives have become more "controllable" as a result of the constant penetration of these technologies. In the future, wireless charging will be just as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. No matter where we go, we can charge our devices at any time. There will be no need to bring chargers and other troublesome things. How many people would be happy with this new technology? Even though this kind of wireless charging technology is still some way off, we should still be happy that it is in front of us and getting closer.