Will the Next iPhone have 5G?

At present, many countries have been developing 5G network technology, and both China and the EU have invested a lot of money and R&D efforts in this area. As the fifth-generation mobile communication network, 5G network has a wireless transmission speed of 5Gbps, which will benefit not only smart phones, but also cars, medical treatment and others.

When the internet is 5Gbps fast, it takes only 80 seconds to download a 50GB movie. Nowadays, 5G has become the next focus of smart phones, and various mobile phone manufacturers have also taken the first 5G mobile phone as the key to compete. After all, to use 5G you have to change your phone, which means that in the era of 5G, there will be a wave of mobile phones replacement. Lenovo has announced that the world's first 5G mobile phone comes from Lenovo is MOTO Z3. So what about Apple, the leader in the mobile phone industry? Will next iPhone have 5G?


So far, 5G commercial network will be started in some areas of the world in the second half of 2019, and many 5G devices will be launched at that time. Many people believe that Apple, as the leader of the industry, will have an advantage in the launch of 5G mobile phones, but unfortunately, you will never see Apple and iPhone in the first batch of manufacturers.

According to BGR, Apple’s first 5G iPhone will reportedly arrive in 2020. According to the current internal planning of Apple, there is no 5G phone at least.

Some people think that the real concern of Apple's "passive" deployment of 5G mobile phones is the battery. Due to the faster transmission speed of 5G network, the battery consumption of smart phones will be quicker. There are many smaller tasks that require the application to run without stopping. The email application would send a request to the server over and over again to check if a new email has arrived. There are a lot of apps that constantly send short messages, while request messages are short; they’d eat away at your phone's power over time. If the battery consumption of iPhone cannot be properly handled with 5G technology, it will not be worth the loss.

Apple has always been conservative in terms of battery, and fans all feel that the battery life of iPhone is a big problem, while some android phones have been much more aggressive in charging technologies in recent years. As iPhone users can hardly leave home without cables and power banks, here a large-capacity power bank is recommended, which is a good choice for devices with short battery life.

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Secondly, another reason why Apple's 5G mobile phone won’t come so fast is Apple has considered its popularity. According to DIGITIMES, while 5G handsets will be shipped next year, their popularity will not accelerate until 2021. For instance,  China’s 5G market is unlikely to grow in scale until after 2022.

However, in the fierce mobile phone market, the iterations of technology are of course the sooner the better. We see that Samsung's technological breakthrough in 5G network will further intensify the global competition in 5G network R&D and accelerate its commercialization process. Huawei, backed by 59 delegates, beat Qualcomm's LDPC and Turbo2.0 to claim the 5G era by Polar Code at a discussion about 5G short Code. Apple is not a communications equipment manufacturer, but its progress in 5G really has to speed up, or in wave of 5G mobile phones replacement, there’d be probably more and more people choose other brands.