Will iPhone 9 Support Dual SIM Cards?

Rumors about iPhone 9 have been flying around since Apple held the WWDC in June. It is reported to be a 6.1-inch smartphone with a LCD display. As it might be the lower spec phone among the upcoming three iPhone models with the cheapest price, iPhone 9 is predicted to account for 50% of Apple 2018 crop sales. As a successor of last year’s iPhone 8, supporting dual SIM cards and dual standby will be one of the hit features that boost its sales.

What Does it Mean for a Smartphone to be Dual SIM?

A SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card is used for network connectivity, a dual SIM card supported smartphone means it can either use two of the SIM cards to initiate or receive calls.

Why You May Need a Smartphone with Dual SIM Cards

For some special reasons, many of us may need a smartphone which supports dual SIM cards. Especially for businessmen and business women, they usually have to keep contact with many people for their business; in this case, it is much convenient to use two SIM cards with one of them for business contact and the other for personal use. 

Other occasions such as frequent traveling abroad needs, you may need two SIM cards with wider mobile coverage which allows you to use home and abroad. Or you just want to save money by separate data plan and voice plan with two different cards as some network operators may have cheaper voice plan but expensive data plan, or the other way around. By combining different cheaper operators so you can pay fewer bills at the end of the month.

Why Will iPhone 9 Support Dual SIM cards?

According to a report in China’s 21st Century Business Herald, two of the three new Apple iPhone models in 2018 will feature dual SIM dual standby capacities, only units sold in China will be equipped with a tray that accepts two SIM cards. China is one of the biggest markets for Apple, and many Chinese people like to use smartphones supporting dual SIM cards.

Statistic from the China Internet Network Information Center state that 3 million to 4 million smartphone owners in China use multiple SIM cards. Apple’s offering of dual SIM cards to its new iPhone is predicted to pump up sales especially in Asian and African markets.

According to the report, many Chinese people choose Android phones because of the lack of dual SIM cards in Apple. Now, Apple will add dual SIM cards dual standby into its iPhone; it undoubtedly may hit the Android market.

Other Features in the New iPhone 9

Besides the feature of dual SIM cards, you can expect more from iPhone 9. Rumor has it that iPhone 9 will come with 5 colors among which blue and orange will be covered. If the rumor is true, the slight changes in colors may make the iPhone 9 more like the iPhone SE released several years ago. However, iPhone 9 is defined as a low-end iPhone with a cheapest price among the total three models in 2018. It is rumored to have only one camera in the back and featured a LCD display, which lower the cost to make it.

Some people think that the iPhone 9 will be the last iPhone that features buttons and touch ID which was missed out in the Phone X. of course; wireless charging is still something we expect to see in it. It seems everything is going to be wireless in the future. Perhaps, several years later, we can witness a real wireless phone with no bezel, no ports, and no buttons at all. So, when facing the last iPhone with button, will you invest in it?