Why OnePlus 6 Does Not Support Wireless Charging

One of the obvious changes that OnePlus has brought to its latest OnePlus 6 smartphone is a whole glass body. Although a glass back is one of the features of phones supporting wireless charging, OnePlus 6 doesn’t support wireless charging. Then what might be the reasons for OnePlus to give up the on-trend technology?

Wireless charging has been increasingly popular recently. Many big names in smartphone industry such as Apple and Samsung are leading the new trend. By replacing the original mental backs with glass, phones not only look and feel more premium, but also allows for wireless charging. However, the glass back of OnePlus 6 serves for ultra-fast gigabit data speeds rather than wireless charging.

OnePlus is famous for its customer-centered strategy and always listens to its users carefully. Thus, it is understandable for not adopting wireless charging into its new released OnePlus 6 if the majority customers don’t feel the need to add wireless charging.

Here comes some reasons many users do not fully support wireless charging:

Reason 1: Not East Enough

Wireless charging is a nice feature to free us from tangled cables, but it is not a “must-have” feature. It is much slower than traditional cable charging. Generally, wireless charging pads provide about 10W power output, but the Quick Charging technology plus PD technology can deliver maximal 100W speedy charging.

Reason 2: Adding Extra Hardware into the Smartphone

For most Qi-enabled smartphones, there is no included wireless charging pad in their package box. It means that you need an extra wireless charging pad to make use of wireless charging technology which adds more costs to a new smartphone. While OnePlus has been popular partly for its relatively lower price tag, if wireless charging is not as valuable as its cost, then it shouldn’t be added into OnePlus 6.

Reason 3: Not as Convenient as Imagined

Although wireless charging to some degree has released us from plug and unplugging, it adds other limitations to charging. Powering up our smartphone by a simple placing down is quite nice, but it means we can’t play our phone while charging except listing to music. This is quite annoying for people who can’t put their phone down for even a second.

Considering the reasons given above, OnePlus still choose its Dash Charger which is the best fast charger on any smartphones.

What is Dash Charge on OnePlus 6?

OnePlus has adopted Dash Charger since its OnePlus 3 and 3T released in 2016. It has become one of the best fast charging standards available today. From its official introduction to the Dash Charger, we can know that it allows the OnePlus 6 to get to 60% charged within 35 minutes. And one of the advantages with Dash Charger is that it doesn’t overheat your phone. It can keep temperatures low while charging. Most importantly, you can enjoy watching video or playing games while your phone is charging without dropping the charging speed.

Should Your Next Phone Support Wireless Charging?

Everything will go wireless in the future, this seems an irreversible trend. Although there are still many limitations of wireless charging, it is proved to have a bright future. So if you are interested in the process of experiencing new technology, and want to witness its improvements, just upgrade to a phone compatible with wireless charging and find the best wireless charger.

There are many top brands such as Apple, Samsung and Google are wireless supported. But, there are not so many reliable wireless chargers out of the market. Here comes a good recommendation from Zendure — Q3 wireless charger.

It delivers a rapid 7.5W charging for iPhone X/8/8 Plus, and a faster 10W charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/ S6 Edage Plus / Note 8 series devices. But for optimal performance, you need an extra 2.0 / 3.0 charger with up to 9V 1.67A output. With a Q3 wireless charger, you don’t need to worry about that overheating and overcharging damaging your device as it is built with foreign object detection. Zendure, trusted by more than 10k fans as one of the most successful external battery projects on Kickstarter, is reliable and worth buying!

With the improvement of wireless charging, more and more smartphones will add wireless charging as its new feature. Maybe you can expect it from the next OnePlus generation.