Why Does Your Phone Battery Life Decrease So Fast? Tips to Avoid Charging Mistakes

Phone battery trouble can be tiresome and frustrating. When mobile phone users see their battery life is low this can cause annoyance and even anxiety. In coffee shops, airports and school you will find people frantically looking for free outlets to charge their phone with low batteries.

Regardless of the size of the battery, do you know why your phone battery life decreases so fast? Some casual habits can do great harm to your mobile phone battery. More than 99% of people are making these charging mistakes.

Overtime charging: Some people take it for granted that the longer they charge the phone, the more power there will be. So they are accustomed to charge before they goes to bed at night, and then get up in the morning with a fully charged phone. However, if you don't unplug the battery, it will keep the phone fully charged all night.  This will speed up the loss of the battery and make the phone's battery life shorter and shorter.

Play while charging: A great majority of us are used to playing games while charging. But charging the phone produces heat. If you play mobile phone games at this time, heat coming from the battery and processor will overlay. It is bound to cause irreversible damage to the phone.

Charge with mobile phone cover: Many people choose to install the phone cover to protect it from wear and tear. But when a cell phone is charged, it generates heat and the lithium battery itself is very hot. If the phone overheats when it is charged, it accumulates the heat generated by a large amount of charging in the shell.

Use unqualified wall charger and cable: Now there are a lot of phone accessories on the market with different levels of quality. Mobile phone chargers in conformity with the technical standards of production will be much safer. When using mobile phone with a matched wall charger and cable, you can enjoy higher charging efficiency. There is less possibility to damage the battery or other components.

In order to protect your phone battery life, not only should you have good habits of charging, but also you should take a great consideration when you choose a wall charger and cable for your phone. Here are some recommendations:

Recommend 1: Zendure 2-in-1 CABLE

Carry just one cable to cover a variety of charging needs. And because it is data transfer and charging supported, compatible devices can take advantages of Qualcomm Quick Charge protocols for high-speed charging and convenient data transferring as well. Recognized as the most durable charging brand, Zendure originated from Kickstarter's most successful charging project. Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple, to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

Recommend 2: Zendure 3.4A WALL CHARGER

The Zendure High-Speed Wall Charger is designed to fit right in with the extremely durable A-Series external batteries in style as well as quality. With two USB ports and 3.4A (17W) total output this charger have enough power to charge the latest tablets or take advantage of pass-through charging with an A-Series external battery. It is compatible with all 5V USB-Powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more, which really helps save money.

Recommend 3: Zendure 30W CAR CHARGER

For people who own a car, Zendure car charger is a good choice. It is trusted by fans worldwide because of its high quality, style and compact design. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to provide the fastest possible charge for your phone. What’s more, it can protect your phone from overheating so that your phone battery life can last longer. And as one of the industry's smallest ever USB car chargers, it features two USB ports and a status LED. This car charger can provide the best service for you without doing much harm to you phone batteries.