Why do we call some of our products "Pro"?

Why do we call some of our products

Zendure's A-Series portable chargers are named in a way that, we hope, is relatively intuitive. A3PD for example. The "A" is short for "A-Series", the name of the product line. The "3" means it has three battery cells inside. And the "PD" indicates that it uses PD (Power Delivery) technology.

So why is it that our new A8PD Pro isn't simply called "A8PD"?

"Pro" is our way of communicating that there's more to a product than meets the eye. With the A8PD Pro, you can tell by the style that it's part of the A-Series. You can probably guess that it uses PD technology given that it has two USB-C ports. And from its size, you might guess that it has eight battery cells inside.

But the cells themselves are part of what puts the "Pro" in A8PD Pro.

A8PD Pro's power cells are the type found in electric vehicles because of their ability to handle tremendous power.

These power cells enable A8PD Pro to provide up to 138W of total output, and they also allow A8PD Pro's massive storage capacity to be completely refilled in about an hour when using a compatible power supply and cable.

Another "Pro" feature of A8PD Pro is UPS Mode. When we first launched the A-Series line of power banks, we were one of the first to make pass-through charging a standard feature. This allows you to charge our power banks while also using our power banks to charge something else. A8PD Pro takes that functionality a step farther by switching from pass-through to battery mode, and back, seamlessly. This makes A8PD Pro an ideal backup power solution for all kinds of applications, including security systems, network hardware, and so much more.

There's a great deal more to talk about when it comes to A8PD Pro. For more information, please have a look at our product announcement.