When Will Samsung Galaxy S10 Arrive? What to Look For at Launch

When Will Samsung Galaxy S 10 Arrive

The official launch of the flagships is usually held in February and March at the beginning of each year. As a result, various revelations are pouring in these days, including Samsung Galaxy S10, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer’s 10th anniversary special edition. There have already been a number of rumors about the flagship, and for now it's almost certain that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched on Feb. 20, followed by an on-sale date of March 8, according to a report by Gizmodo UK.

Samsung's previous flagship phone, the Galaxy S9 series, haven't sold as well as it expected. The new S9 looks the same as the S8 series. And Samsung also launched a light-luxury S phone, which even directly copied the appearance of the Galaxy S8. Obviously, Samsung's current "full view curved screen" has been unable to meet consumer demand. So, as Samsung 10th anniversary special edition S10 is coming, what can we expect?

Some media broke out a set of Samsung S10's true machine rendering, from the rendering of S10 we can see the appearance change is obvious.

When Will Samsung Galaxy S 10 Arrive

In the picture above, the Galaxy S10 with four equal sides continues the curved screen design, and you can also see some shadows of the S8 and S9, but the upper and lower borders of the S10 are much narrower than that of the S9.

It can be said that once such a mobile phone does launch, then its screen-to-body ratio can at least reach more than 98% and is no problem over OPPO Find X.

It is reported that in order to achieve "full screen" in the true sense, Samsung S10 need to put fingerprint recognition, front cameras, the receiver sensor all in the bottom of the screen, at the same time use the sole custom ultra-thin and super-soft OLED screen to make sure the thickness of the fuselage is changeless. Literally no other manufacturer has been able to do this.

All signs also point that the Samsung S10 would use Qualcomm's latest ultrasonic off-screen fingerprint technology. Compared with the current optical fingerprint, ultrasonic fingerprint has a faster identification speed.

When Will Samsung Galaxy S 10 Arrive

In addition, Samsung S10, of course, has not only been improved in terms of the screen, its other aspects also have huge ascension. Its processors will use the self-developed Orion's 9820 and 8150 Xiao dragon dual processors. It also has dual iris and facial biometrics, and a rear triad that supports triple optical zoom and optical stabilization.

There are rumors that another high technology of the Samsung S10 is the battery. Even its battery capacity is still only a normal 4000mAh, because of graphene material is adopted, its charging speed will become super-fast. It’s amazing that in only 15 minutes, it can be fully charged to 90% of the battery. However, given Samsung battery's reputation, it's best to wait and see for a while. Since Samsung’s battery explosion, it’s better to be conservative in charging technologies. Good news is that there is another way to charge your phone. Some charging accessory manufacturers have been absorbed in enhancing charging speed for many years, which lead them to design some attractive power banks, chargers and other accessories, and Zendure is one of them.

Zendure X6: More than Fast and Safe: A Very Versatile Power Bank

Zendure X6 Power Bank and Hub

With X6’s 45W power delivery USB-C output, you could charge your MacBook, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and Nintendo Switch. As to Samsung Galaxy S series, X6 is able to charge these QC 2.0/3.0 equipped devices up to 80% in 35 minutes (such as Galaxy S7, S8 Plus, Note 8), which is really a great achievement on the portable charger market.

Zendure X6 power bank and hub

Not just fast, Zendure X6 also puts safety protections into prior consideration. Zendure set dozens of protection systems against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging.

X6 is never known as a conventional power bank because it combines all kinds of practical features together. One of its best features is X-Charge function. This is for charging unlimited range of power devices (smart-watches, Fitbit fitness bands, Raspberry PI). X6 even has a Hub mode. Click Zendure or Amazon to explore Zendure’s world yourself.

Zendure X6 power bank and hub

Back to the mobile phone market, the upcoming Huawei P30 series also has a full range of high technologies, Samsung really needs to feel the crisis rather than slack off. The P20 Pro released by Huawei in 2018 is equipped with three rear lenses for the first time in the world, and its camera quality beats that of Samsung S9. As the leader of the mobile phone industry, how can Samsung be easily outdone? Thus, Samsung S10 may be Samsung's biggest chip like the S8 once again detonated global consumers. If Samsung S10 really achieve 100% full screen and ultrasonic off-screen fingerprint technology, would you choose to buy?