What Should We Expect From Zendure at CES 2019?

CES 2019 is coming! Are you looking forward to it? We all know joining in industrial exhibitions is a great way to know about the latest trends of the industry. That’s why there are many people are keen on attending various international trade fairs all over the world, for example, food expositions, textile shows, electronics shows, and more. CES is one of the most famous customer electronics shows. It’s an international large-scale exhibition that could bring you to the near future and never let you down.

Why is CES so grand?

CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years. The 52st international consumer electronics show, CES 2019, would be held in The World Trade Center Las Vegas, on January 8-11. As the largest and influential consumer electronics exhibition worldwide, CES has never been short of advanced technologies and products. It generally showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, including developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, technology delivery systems, content, manufactures and so on. Zendure, a supplier of external batteries and other charging accessories, would also showcase some of its latest innovations at the Venetian during CES 2019.

As a company dedicated to research and development of technological products, Zendure's dream is to design classic and high-end products. Take Zendure’s strongest suitcase-style power banks as an example. They have helped Zendure to win a wide market and high reputation. If you want to use a sports car to run over your portable charger as the Middle East billionaires do, a best-quality Zendure power bank is your best choice! So, this time, in CES 2019, what should we expect from Zendure?

The Largest and Fastest Power Bank: Practicality No.1

A8PD Pro, is a really high-performance portable charger and it’s No.1 in practicality. Its 26,800mAh capacity is super-large enough to make users surprised, that’s why A8PD with the same capacity is so popular on the market at present. With the large capacity of A8PD as foundation, A8PD Pro has been upgraded in its charging speed. It has 2 USB-C PD ports and is able to provide up to 160W DC output! It is definitely the most ground-breaking power bank with the best performance so far, you could get to know more about it on Zendure website now.

3 in 1: Versatile Wireless Charger + Hub + Adapter

In CES 2019, Zendure would show the newest innovations in charging for travel, outdoors and more, and SuperHub is one of the most attracting products. We love versatile products because their unique design makes our life easier. With this multi-functional SuperHub, you don’t need to bring extra USB-C Hub or charger with you while traveling, this USB-C PD adapter could meet your requirements. This particular product is based on the needs of people who travel often. Adapters and chargers are must-haves for them and they do mobile-officing sometimes, thus a Hub is needed. This SuperHub could not only save your space but could also make your luggage less messy and more organized. It is really an intimate friend for travelers, isn’t it?  Go to join CES 2019, you are sure to find more things that’re different and new, something playful and interesting!

Zendure's ongoing innovative research and development is meant to improve the power banks’ user experience for outdoor traveling, to make sure that anytime and anywhere there is sufficient power for users. Zendure isn't just a technology and manufacture company, it's a practitioner who's dedicated to making some change in life by technology today. In CES 2019 this time, you will see many Zendure products used in real-world scenarios and will be able to test out the latest Zendure products yourselves.

CES is sure to be a top exhibition you should not miss. A two-time CES exhibitor once said “I've been to a lot of tradeshows over the course of my career, but I've never experienced anything that was as successful and as productive as the two times we've exhibited at CES.” Exactly! CES is where business gets done and a chance to meet fun and new things. So don’t miss it! Join Zendure’s CES exhibition at the Vanetian now.