What Power Banks are Allowed on Airplanes?

Power Banks on Airplanes

If you're looking for power banks and other accessories that can be taken on an airplane, you'll enjoy our collection of travel products. Zendure portable chargers are within FAA specifications for safe travel as carry-on items.

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Having some extra juice for your phone, iPad or laptop is always necessary, especially when you need to go on a business trip or you have any travel plans involving a long journey or different countries. There is no doubt that a powerful portable charger is a must for your trip as more and more travel essential gadgets requiring charging.

However, some consumer power banks are not allowed to be carried on the plane for some safety transportation restrictions. What restrictions of power bank on plane should you know? What brands of power bank are allowed on airplane? Don’t worry. Be patient to read this article, you’ll know the answer.

Before your trip, knowing the following two rules will help you avoid many accidents while boarding a flight.

1. Power banks need to be stored in carry-on baggage.

Are Power Banks Allowed on Airplanes

This rule is simple. It’s the best way to put everything involving battery into your carry-on baggage. If you bring iPhone, Android phone, iPad or laptop that includes battery or anything else that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, they should go into your carry-on. Why to do this? Because it’s really safer to keep these potentially explosive devices somewhere they can be monitored to maintain our personal and property safety. It’s so terrible and frightening that a battery catches fire to the cargo hold for no one can predict and notice a fire before it spreads, which is much worse than in the cabin.

2. Power bank must not exceed 100Wh (Watt Hours).

lithium-ion batteries on airplanes

According to Travel Guide, the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) announced its latest instructions for the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air that power banks allowed for carry-on baggage in the aircraft cabin must not exceed 100 Wh, or equivalent to less than 27,000 mAh.

However, if you are need to bring a bigger power bank, you can bring it along with you while passing through the approval of the airline concerned. It only occurs when the capacity of battery is from 100.01 to 160 Wh. If your power bank doesn’t measure its output with Watt-Hours, you can calculate from mAh to Wh according to the formula which is (mAh)/1000*(V)=(Wh).

For example, a 26,800mAh power bank of 3.7V rating would be (26800/1000)*3.7=99.16Wh. 160Wh is equal to 43,243mAh at 3.7V. If your power bank is bigger than 160 Wh, it may cause some problems. So it has to follow the restriction on dangerous cargo.

Fortunately, it’s not common seen that a power bank is over that limit as most power packs are below 100 Wh. Anyway it’s best to check your power bank. ALL Zendure power banks are approved for air-travel. 

Best Portable Power Bank for Travel

SuperMini is a credit card size 10,000mAh portable charger, which can be easily put in your pocket and extend your phone usage for 2-3 days, making it the ideal travel portable charger. With 18W Power Delivery, it can fast charge your iPhone X up to 50% within 30 mins.

SuperMini has both a USB-C PD port and a USB-A port for broad compatibility among many devices. It even has low-power mode to charge wearable devices like the Apples Watch or Airpods. 

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Best High-Power Portable Battery Bank for Travel

If you still hunt for the best power bank for your trip, the Zendure SuperTank 27,000mAh battery pack should be your worthy investment.

It is compact and small enough to fit into your carry-on baggage, which meets the first rule above.

Most importantly, Zendure power bank has 27,000mAh capacity at 3.7V, which is 100Wh. It demands the transportation restriction of which maximum power bank output is 100Wh.

high-powered portable charger for travel

This 27,000mAh Zendure power bank is a high-end quick charger, which has sky-high capacity that can extend your 15" Macbook Pro battery life for 8 hours or charge your iPhone XS seven times, Nintendo Switch for 4 times and Galaxy S9 for 6 times. It’s powerful enough to charge phones or other devices several times if you’re really power hungry.

Try to imagine how terrible it is if your phone is dead while you’re taking an important business with your partner company in other countries. With a power bank, you will have no more worries about some issues like a dead phone even though you’re at out when you bring this Zendure power bank.

high-capacity battery for travel

Equipped with four USB ports, Zendure power bank supports charging your five devices at the same time. Besides, the 100W USB-C output and input included makes it convenient to connect with most Type-C PD laptops, Android phones and tablets.

Designed with precise LED digital screen readout makes it easy to read exactly how much juice is left in the power bank. Thanks to Zendure advanced technology, it’s able to protect against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging.


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