What Is the Samsung Foldable Phone?

In the past, it was thought if the performance of our phone is stronger, the screen is a bit bigger, and the compatibility is higher, we can completely give up traditional PC and then use a mobile phone for daily work. Nowadays, a mobile phone’s positioning is "a phone can do all the things that a computer do, but a phone can't do more than a computer." It seems a mobile phone can not replace a PC completely. When we are on a business trip or travel, we have to carry a heavy laptop if we still have work to do. But Samsung gives us a different answer this time.

Samsung is the world's first manufacturer to put forward the concept of folding mobile smartphone. On the 8th of November 2018, Samsung showed its new folding model F mobile phone in its developer conference in SDC. The new folding mobile phone, called "Winner," is expected to be listed early next year. Galaxy F is really amazing, which combined the advantages of a phone and a tablet. On its folding state, its 4.6 -inch screen is equivalent to ordinary smartphones, which allows users to "hold the phone in their hands." When opened, the phone becomes a 7.3 -inch screen tablet.

If you think a 7.3 -inch tablet is also not large enough, well, back in 2017, Samsung had released a DeX Station which can turn your phone into a DeX mode. The device redefined the concept of intelligent mobile office, it gives up the small phone screen and connects your mobile phone with display, keyboard and network. A phone could be used as a large screen laptop, which solves several problems that mobile phone typing is not convenient, finger control is ineffective and screen display is limited, etc.

The emergence of this equipment helps people out of the trouble of carrying a heavy laptop on the road. As people have gradually reduced the dependence of traditional computers, and mobile phones rise ceaselessly, a phone + DeX mode will become more and more popular. Samsung’s official DeX Station only has expansion functions, and it sells at $99. In fact, some mobile phone accessories also have the function of expansion, they are more and more “all in one.” For example, Zendure’s unreleased new hub, Axis, not only supports wireless charging, but also support DeX mode and data transmitting. It will be available on Kickstarter in 2019.

Zendure Axis: All-in-One Hub

Axis is Zendure’s newest unreleased product which will be available in 2019. Zendure’s team started to do market research from 2018, and then designed and are still testing repeatedly. Axis has exceeded our imagination for a charger. It improves the cons of traditional wireless charging, and supports DeX mode, and also packs USB-C PD Adapter and USB Hub, which has become a universal and multifunctional charger.

We know that from 2018, wireless charging has become more and more general, wireless charging is cooler, more convenient. But it has two obvious defects, one is that it generates too much heat, another is that wireless charging speed is not fast enough. Axis is designed with built in cooling system to lower the temperature, and its charging speed is also satisfactory, it supports 7.5W high speed iPhone wireless charging and 10W high speed Android wireless charging. As to other charging modes, it can offer up to 60W output with a built-in USB-C connector cable and 18W output with a standard USB-A port. Whatever your device is, Axis can provide individual charging option for it.

The biggest highlight of Axis is that it supports ​DeX mode, a great feature we mentioned above, which could extend your Android phones to a desktop environment. Just connect your phone or other DeX compatible device to an HDMI monitor with Axis, and then enjoy a desktop environment which supports multitasking, including word-processing, photo-editing, games, conversation and more.

Zendure is at the forefront of charging products and Axis stands for its highest technical level in wireless charging, this new product is worth and reliable.

To sum up, the rapid development of science and technology has promoted the mobile phone industry to a whole new stage. 5G + folding mobile phone era is coming. The future mobile phone industry will create consumers’ replacement tide of mobile phones. In addition to Samsung, Huawei also revealed to the media that its 2019 new models will focus on 5G and folding mobile phones.