What Is Not Allowed In Hand Luggage?

You bought a bottle of Coca-Cola and then hurried for your flight in the hot summer, but you just had a sip of it and the whole bottle of Cola was detained by security. Get to know the rules that what you can and can’t take on a plane, it would help you to not affect your travel plans and avoid something being wasted. There are so many items ban made by major airlines, which would make you confused.

Here we divide all kinds of items into two main types: mostly not allowed items and mostly allowed items to help you get to know the rules easily and clearly.

Items Not Allowed

Q: Can I bring food in hand luggage?

A: Most food is not allowed. Liquids over 100ml are generally unauthorized in the cabin, but there are some exceptions, notably if you’re travelling with babies or small children. Food that is not allowed in cabin luggage includes any drinks (water, fruit juice, tea, coffee), jams, syrup, honey, fresh cheese in liquid, yogurt, soup, sauce, oil, vinegar, etc. There are also a few kinds of food are allowed, milk, powder, cow or soya, baby food, dried fruit and nuts. Generally, solid food is more likely to be allowed.

Q: Can I bring sports equipment on a flight?

A: Pretty much, no. For most sports equipment, for example, golf clubs, darts game, ice skates, fishing rod, diving equipment, crossbows, crampons, javelins, canoes and paddles, swords and so on, all of these are not allowed in your hand luggage. If you have a match or a competition abroad or you need to fly to get there, pay attention please, as a general rule, you will most certainly have to bring your equipment in the hold. Otherwise you’d better buy a new one in your destination.

Q: Can I bring my work tools into the cabin?

A: If you happen to be a chef, electrician, designer or painter, then all of your tools, the knives, drill and accessories will have to be put into your booked luggage. Just like sports equipment, most of the work tools and equipment have to go in the hold, which includes blade or cutting tools larger than 6 cm, drill and accessories, professional knives, cutting mats, saws, hammer, machete, aerosol paint, turpentine and paint thinner.

Items Allowed

Q: Can I bring electronic items like laptops and tablets into the cabin?

A: Most of your electronic devices are usually allowed to be brought on a plane, such as laptops, tablets, MP3 players, hair dryers or straighteners, camera and camera equipment, travel irons and electronic razors.

However, you also need to assure the allowing electronic items according to the exact flight rules which would change sometimes. One item you need to pay more attention to is power banks. They are special because they must go in your hand luggage rather than go in the hold. Flights also have some requirements for power banks that could be in the cabin luggage. Here, we get Zendure A8 PD  to commend as your best travel companion.

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It’s predicable that with the development of technologies in flight travels, there would be more and more items allowed in your hand luggage, and passengers don’t need to remember and observe the confusing rules. At that time people would feel really free while travelling and marvel that technology changes life again.