What Do You Need When Traveling as a Social Media Influencer

 Influencers. There are more and more people influencers every day. And it's great. Being an influencer gives you many possibilities. Travel for instance. But if you want to go traveling as a social media influencer, you need to be aware of a few things. Otherwise, your business might be in trouble.

You Need to Be Connected to the Internet

There’s no way around it. Wherever you go, as an influencer, you need internet. A truck driver can't work without a truck. You can't work without internet.  

You have two options. Use cellular data or connect to Wi-Fi

Cellular data is a pretty good option in Europe. As long as you are within the EU, you can use internet on your SIM card without paying roaming charges like before. However, we tend to use a lot of data in 2017, so perhaps invest in the “all you can eat data” packages if you network provides these.

If you decide to use cellular data, get a travel Wi-Fi router. You put in a SIM card into one of those, and you basically have a router that acts as Wi-Fi. This saves battery on your phone and eliminates hotspot problems.

If you can use Wi-Fi, great. Most accommodations have it. On the go, trains and buses tend to have it too.

You Need to Stay Secure While Connected to the Internet

When traveling as a social media influencer, you might have content that should not yet be shared. Perhaps a collaboration with a company that gave you a product that isn't out yet. You might have a contract that you are not allowed to show it. Now, imagine somebody got to that and shared it. You might end up having to pay incredible fines.

And that's the reality of using public Wi-Fi such as the Wi-Fi that's offered in Starbucks on a train. When you are connected to a public network, you are at risk. Anyone that is connected to it can quickly know what sites you are accessing and even get your passwords.

A VPN is a solution to that. A VPN is a virtual private network. It provides encryption but also allows you to be anywhere in the world that you would desire, provided that the company that you are using has servers in the country that you want to be in virtually.

There's plenty of VPN services. PrivateVPN for instance.

Get an Adapter

Land in the country that you are going to. Get away from the airport. Get away from the tourist sector. Get to your place. Realize that you cannot charge your devices because the socket differs from the sockets that you generally see. This is a common thing. Sockets vary across countries. You need internet when traveling as a social media influencer, but you also need power. 

You need an adapter. Which one though? It depends on where you are traveling. Unless you have the Zendure Passport which offers all types of socket conversions in one. Talking about saving space. 

Get a Portable Charger

Remember that little story about getting an adapter from a paragraph above? Well, imagine it finished differently, what if there never was a socket in the first place. There might not always be one for you. And when you are exploring, you definitely won’t have a socket with you.

A portable charger is a need for pretty much everyone, but when your money depends on social media, you need to have power on your phones.

There are a few options that you can take. It all depends on your trip. Is it a short trip without a backpack? Try the Zendure A2. It’s small. It fits in a pocket. It will also last you all day.

If you are going into the mountains or on a trip that requires several days of battery, you probably need something bigger. And the A8 QC can provide in that department. It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 too so you won’t have to wait too long for your device to charge.


Traveling as a social media influencer is great, but you need to know a few things. Take care of what was mentioned, and your business will run smoothly, even while you travel.