What Do You Need for Hitchhiking - 3 Vital Tools

Your plane gets canceled. You can’t afford to buy a ticket back home. What do you do? You decide to hitchhike.

That’s just one of the scenarios of why you might hitchhike. Perhaps you just love an adventure.

Regardless of what it is, when you hitchhike, you need some tools. Some for safety, some for convenience. These 3 tools are vital for hitching.

A Travel Pillow

Go on a plane. Go on a bus. It doesn’t even matter. Transport isn’t comfortable. Especially after several hours. Your neck starts to get sore. A travel pillow can make all the difference.

A travel pillow will really make your life a lot more comfortable when hitchhiking. It's also great against the wind when you are waiting to get picked up.

A Portable Charger

When you are hitchhiking, the chances are that you are taking a long journey. 

The longer the journey, the bigger the chances of your phone being out of power. And you DO NOT WANT YOUR PHONE TO BE OUT OF POWER. 

You are in a car with somebody that you never met before. Now, most of the time, everything goes great, but not all of the people are great. You might end up having an argument or such. You might be left in the middle of nowhere.

How will you check where you are or get in contact with somebody if your phone is dead? And your phone will be dead. Unless you have a phone from a decade ago, your phone will not last too long.

A portable charger solves that problem. But for hitchhiking, you need something bigger. Something that will really last you. That’s where the Zendure A8 QC comes in. 26,800 mAh that comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. And yes, it’s allowed on airplanes too if you decide to fly.

If you are looking for something slimmer, the A5 might be a pretty good choice too.

Flashlight + Markers

At night, nobody will see you. A flashlight makes people aware of you. Now, of course, don’t shine it at a driver, but shine it in a way that makes the driver aware that you are there. You need to be noticed before it’s too late for a driver to stop.

A marker is also great to have along with some paper. It’s a lot easier for somebody to stop if they know where you are going. If you want somebody to stop, you need to make it convenient for people to stop. “Oh, we are going there, let’s stop.”


There’s a lot of things that you need when hitching. But these are some of the essentials that will really make your hitchhiking experience more convenient and most importantly safer.

Written by Michael Smolski.