Wall Charger Buying Guide for Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has many interesting and easy-to-play party games, such as Jet Fighter 2, Mario Odyssey, Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition, Arms and so on. Because of its gaming features, Nintendo Switch is more suitable for casual and social gatherings than PS4/XBOX1. And NS hardware configuration also highlights the characteristics of portability and sharing. If you and your friends play games together, Nintendo Switch can bring you hours of fun. Because of this, Nintendo Switch has already exceeded one million in shipments this year. Nintendo Switch chargers have formed a large supply chain and they are currently various and dazzling on the market.

How to Select a User-Friendly Nintendo Switch Charger

When we spend a lot of time playing games on a Nintendo Switch, the NS’s SOC (State of Charge) is basically in a high-power state, and the demand for power is quite high. In addition, the portability of Nintendo Switch is one of its advantages, but the battery capacity of it is embarrassingly low. So, frequent charging is essential especially for heavy gamers, it's important to choose a safe and user-friendly charger.

First, the original charger is the first choice. However, if your native Nintendo Switch charger is lost or you want to purchase a third-part reliable charger to spare, you have to pay attention to its security, compatibility and convenience.

The easiest way to choose a safe product is to choose a brand known for quality products. These brands have been deeply rooted in professional fields for many years, and they have more security guarantee and technical certification than small brands or unbranded products.

As to compatibility, we have to consider Nintendo Switch's charging interface. NS uses USB-C interface, which is very rare for Nintendo to use universal standard interface on their products, so that Nintendo Switch supports PD charging. For PD chargers in the market, the Zendure 63W quick charger is recommended firstly, which is quicker and smaller than most other ordinary chargers. In addition, this charger is very convenient to use, it can be easily used for a variety of sockets.

63W Fast Charger for Nintendo Switch

It’s universal and versatile, you just need one charger to meet most of your charging requirements. Zendure 63W USB-C PD wall charger packs 4-Ports, which provides high-speed charging to a USB-C laptop and 3 USB-A devices simultaneously. And it is compatible with all USB devices such as Nintendo Switch, MacBook/ MacBook Pro, HP Spectre, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga (IBM), ThinkPad X1, GoPro, Nexus/Pixel, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. And also, its compact design and foldable US plug with EU / UK adapters and wide-band input voltage (110V-240V) make it convenient for travel, a good travel companion for you to bring everywhere.

It has 45W Power Delivery large power through its USB type-C port, which means it could fully charge your new MacBook models in under 2 hours and charge your iPhone X from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Zendure has plenty of experience in charging accessories manufacturing and it is famous especially for its power banks and wall chargers. This quick charger has all kinds of guaranteed safety protection systems to ensure your safety in the using process, including over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and low-voltage protection.

Zendure 63W USB-C PD wall charger is compatible with several types of charging protocols, besides charging for your Nintendo Switch, it can charge any QC3.0 compatible devices at fast speed. It’s available on Zendure now, you could get to know more about it and click here.

Since USB-C is now widely used as a charging interface on devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, laptops and tablets, many game players also use third-party chargers or mobile power banks to recharge Nintendo Switch. However, a charger that you bought at random may not be safe. We often hear about a Nintendo Switch being damaged by misuse of the charger. Be careful to use non Nintendo Switch official chargers to avoid unknown faults and damage to the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of your Nintendo Switch, you’d better choose the original charger or a big brand and good quality charger.