Top USB-C Cable on Kickstarter 2018

USB Type-C, or simply put, USB-C, is the latest type of USB standard, following micro USB and USB Type-A. It has been viewed as the bright future of USB cable because of its convenient reversible and versatile connector.

With the intention to replace the roles micro USB and USB Type-A played in electronics world, USB-C is being adopted to more laptops and smartphones. However, most USB-C cables in the market are proved to have vulnerable weak spots in design, although they are providing good convenience. To help you find a durable USB-C cable, here comes our recommendation----Zendure SuperCord, and some suggestions on how to choose a good USB-C cable.

Top USB-C Cable on Kickstarter in 2018

Zendure SuperCord finally comes out after one year development by Zendure team. It absorbs consumers’ need for durability and flexibility of cables. SuperCord is now available on Kickstarter.

Ultra-Strong and Durable Cable that will Last a Lifetime!

SuperCord comes with a new design wrapped with defense grade material rarely seen in cables. All these efforts to reinforce the cable have resulted in enhanced durability and flexibility. To prove it, Zendure SuperCord has received a series of tests and results show that it can withstand pulling a car and doing weight training without breaking. Compared to other products’ bend lifespan, SuperCord was tested to endure 10 times more, which is 50000+ times bends. If strain relief breaking is always your reason to replace your cable, then you will no longer have this issue with Zendure SuperCord.

High-Speed Charging

Zendure SuperCord is designed in two versions of USB-C cable, with one of them USB Type-A to USB-C and the other USB-C to USB-C. The latter is closely intertwined with USB PD which means it can deliver power up to 60Watt; more specifically, you can use it to charge your smartphone, tablet and even laptop.

It supports USB 3.0 with a length of 100cm and gives a fast data transfer at up to 5Gbps. While the longer version supports USB 2.0 and deliver a 480Mbps data transfer. And the former only supports USB 2.0 providing a data transfer at up to 480 Mbps, but still works very well if you use it to charge your small mobile gadgets.

No More Tangling

With a leather strap attached to the cable, Zendure SuperCord is easy to keep organized whenever you don’t need it. Proper storage not only makes the place tidier wherever you put it, but also reduces friction with other gadgets and extends the cord’s lifespan.

There are also micro USB and lightning cables available. You can get one or more at a discounted rate by supporting Supercord on Kickstarter.

What to Look for When Buying a USB-C Cable

Not all USB-C cables are built equal; even there has been a standard USB-C specification since 2014. To buy a good USB cable, there are a few things you need to look at.

The USB-C standard comes with open specs, which means manufactures can apply their own standards into it. Check the compatibility before buying otherwise you risk damaging your device or not getting the full charging speed.

Choose a reliable brand. The components inside the cable decide the quality. The size of the wire, the resistance it uses and the connector it is structured are all important to a USB-C cable. And usually a reliable brand can be trust to reach up the standards. The best way to make sure whether it is a good cable is to view online reviews and some relative forums. See what people said and complained about the products, meanwhile figure out whether the product is suitable for you.

Zendure is a reliable brand as our products are supported by thousands of people on crowdfunding platforms, and also many its products have been recognized by review platforms. Therefore, the SuperCord from Zendure is trustworthy to be the best cable in Kickstarter 2018.