Top-Rated Accessories for MacBook Air 2018

Apple released its gorgeous new MacBook Air on November 7th, 2018. You can get the most environmentally friendly laptop because it has been crafted from recycled aluminum. The new flagship MacBook features a gorgeous Retina display, Touch ID, Force Touch trackpad and new-generation keyboard, offering three colors like gold, silver and space gray.

The most delightful design, besides its superior performance, is its compact and diminutive size. Apple shrunk the bezels in the 13-inch screen, which makes you feel like carrying a sturdy notepad instead of a heavy device. You may get excited by the new MacBook’s powerful performance and can’t wait to hunt for the top-rated accessories for your laptop. Which top-rated accessories for the new MacBook Air should you invest in?

PU Leather Sleeve Protects MacBook from Being Damaged

It’s necessary for you to keep a sleeve on your new MacBook to protect it being scratched and damaged. This MOSISO PU Leather MacBook Sleeve provides a great option for you to keep your MacBook safe from daily wear and tear.

There are 20 fashion colors sleeves for your option. This PU leather sleeve’s superior durability case covers with shock-absorbing features. Equipped with durable and the bottom matte-finished design makes it simply allow for maximum airflow. The sturdy design ensures maximum protection.

A Briefcase - Easily Carry Your MacBook

How convenient if you can carry your laptop and daily essentials in style with a laptop briefcase. This Inateck Briefcase features with special side-zipper design, which helps protect your laptop from accidentally being dropped. A big pocket inside has enough space to store enough accessories such as your MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, mouse and power charger.

This Briefcase is also available in three fashion colors, available in black, dark gray and pink. Keep it for work or travel; you can easily use it to carry your laptop on the go. Most importantly, it can make sure your laptop stays safe from unwanted damage.

Why not choose this simple but unbelievably stylish briefcase to keep you MacBook Air safe.

MacBook Stand Protects Your Neck and Eyes

You may suffer a neck pain or tired viewing after working hours on your MacBook. This Beststand MacBook Cooling Stand could be your deliverer. Beststand features an ergonomic design to provide your desired viewing angle which can greatly protect your eyes and your neck, thus to allow you to work in a comfortable working condition though you work for a long time, keeping you away from neck pain. This Tablet Stand not only firmly supports your MacBook, but your iPad or other devices too. As for built-up, the high-grade TI-APEX Series Magnesium-Aluminum makes it extremely durable.

X6 Portable Charger and Hub to Sync and Manage Files

X6 comes with a USB Hub mode (compatible with USB 2.0) that can sync and manage your files with 2 extra USB-A ports between USB-C Hub ports. X6’s compatibility and stability is better than other products because the superior master-control chips. With X6, you could connect your MacBook Air 2018 to several devices smoothly.

Besides being a USB-C Hub, X6 is also praised by many users due to its practicality in charging. X6 can even to charge your MacBook Air while X6 itself is being recharged. Check it out on Amazon.

USB-C Cable for MacBook Air Connection

Apple new MacBook Air comes with Thunderbolt 3 ports, also known as USB-C. It’s necessary for you to equip a durable and quick supported USB-C cable to guarantee not to break the bank. This Zendure Durable USB-C cable will exceed your expectations. This 100cm durable USB-C cable is made of heavy-duty braided nylon materials so it's sturdy, durable, and won't give out on you. It provides fast syncing and charging with incredible charging speed up to 45W power delivery, so everything gets juiced up in no time at all. A trusted item could be carried together on your work, home or travel because this durable USB-C cable can make your MacBook and other devices being quick fully charged. See on Amazon.

Apple Magic Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Apple magic mouse adapts Bluetooth technology and touch-sensitive technology, which makes it able to pair automatically with your Mac and help to track easier and move with less resistance across your desk by its optimized foot design. The Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents. Apple's Magic Mouse is designed specifically for Mac and it works just like a mini trackpad.

If you're a Mac user, you've already pay a lot of money on a this superior device, why not add some additional accessories can make it even better?