Top 5 Best IPad Pro 2018 Accessories

A few months ago, Apple released the brand-new 2018 iPad Pro, which has the biggest iPad change in recent years. The iPad Pro 2018 is also the most expensive iPad with great improvements in appearance, performance and even the stylus. It seems that Apple wants to give users a new choice for portable office. The most expensive and most powerful iPad Pro 2018 has the strongest mobile platform processor, excellent display screen and 1TB storage. This year, Apple is determined to do something ground-breaking in the office platform by iPad Pro. To enhance your mobile-office experience of iPad Pro 2018, there are Top five best accessories you need.

1. Versatile and Stylish Power Bank

The importance of a power bank for iPad obvious. An iPad consumes battery power dramatically nowadays, because we use it to play videos or audios more frequently with the unlimited data traffic and Wi-Fi everywhere. A befitting portable charger for the cool and powerful iPad Pro 2018 should be cool and heavy-duty, too. Then Zendure limited edition X6 power bank and hub is the perfect choice.

When you look at it for the first time, you’ll be attracted by its unique appearance design. It’s especially designed for Zendure’s five year anniversary by local street artist, Apexer, who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint. The colorful abstract patterns on X6 make it different and cool, pre-order today.

And also, the limited edition X6 is not only beautiful outside, Zendure’s teams are always working to make sure that Zendure products are beautiful inside and out. With 20,100 mAh capacity, X6 could charge your iPhone and Galaxy up to 6 times, and it could be fully integrated with your iPad Pro 2018, MacBook, Smartwatches, Fitbit, Beats Headphones(to charge unlimited range of low-power devices and benefit from its X-Charge mode) and so on. Due to its 45W power delivery USB-C output/input, X6 provides ultra-fast speed charging for your MacBook, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and Nintendo Switch, which is even quicker than their original chargers. What’s more, X6 has a USB Hub mode to sync and manage your files between USB-C Hub ports, an excellent function to achieve mobile-officing.

2. Classy Folio Case for iPad Pro

As a proud and excited iPad Pro 12.9" owner, you want ultimate protection for your larger iPad without compromising your user experience. This case provides all-round protection for iPad Pro 12.9 inch, which is the key model. It is a classic work of ProCase team, which combines exquisite workmanship and professional design. The classy look brings an everlasting style that does not fade away with time. Quality material provides all-around protection, while the precise cutouts allow access to all features. ProCase team has made varieties of fancy cases, covers, sleeves and bags these years and this product would bring a fabulous style into your digital life.

3. Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Generally, you want to enjoy your larger iPad Pro 12.9 inch to the max, safe in the knowledge that if you drop or scratch your phone, you're totally protected. This screen protector made by Tech Armor is specifically designed for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch as well. It’s made with 6 layers of the highest grade Japanese Asahi glass to deliver maximum protection and an unrivaled user experience. That means you can enjoy your iPad Pro 12.9" the way Apple intended, without any worries.

4. Tablet Stand Compatible with iPad Pro

How we need a stand to protect our neck and eyes! This tablet stand work for iPad 2018 Pro 9.7, 10.5 and it is widely compatible with Air Mini 4 3 2, Kindle, Nexus, Tab, E-Reader. A purchaser reviewed “Love this little stand, especially for use in the kitchen to follow recipes. Adjusts easily.” Yes,you could use it in the kitchen, office, on the dining table or desk. Its large big thick security portable adjustable universal cradle is perfectly integrated with your lovely device when you are watching videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, or have a face-time with your friends & families.

5. Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro 2018

Apple is always promoting its iPad as a productivity tool. It packs the iPad Pro 2018 with a laptop mode, which is similar to Microsoft's Surface series. But the reality is very cruel, Apple's original keyboard is really hard to use! Rather, Omoton’s Bluetooth keyboard would be better than your expect, it’s wide compatibility makes it supports various devices, including iPads, iPhones and Bluetooth-enabled laptops, tablets, etc.

Apple iPad has become almost synonymous with tablets today, and other tablets have little leverage over it. But we used to think the iPad wasn't a great productivity tool, and this time, with the release of iPad Pro 2018, almost all of the upgrades are to improve its productivity. Plus, these accessories above can also greatly increase its efficiency, making it a real productivity tool.