Tips on Traveling to Russia and Watching Men’s World Cup 2018

The 21st World Cup is going to be held between June 14th and July 15th, and 11 cities of Russia will witness this exciting moment. As a faithful fan of football, to witness this exciting match in person will be wonderful. Yet, before you start your journey, it is wise to be aware of taboos and laws, or any things in your own country that might cause misunderstandings in Russia.

Before You Go

If you have decided to go there in person, you should collect a lot of information about the city you are going.

Firstly, climate. When asked about the impression about Russia, many people say it is freezing cold. But actually, during mid-June to mid-July, in the European part of Russia and South of Russia, where host cities are located, is normally experiencing very warm weather in mid-June ---more than 25C. You can bring the proper clothes there according to the temperature.

Secondly, accommodation. Either for rule of market or the greediness of marketers, the price of accommodation will certainly go higher than usual. You must accept that, or else, you may get nothing after a lengthy period of seeking a cheaper price. If accommodation in a host city appears higher than its surrounding cities; you can also choose a city near the host city after arriving in Russia. If your lucky, you may get the free night trains between cities which are offered by Russian government. It is a good chance to save money.

In addition, in Moscow, there are some entrepreneurs who are going to organize tent camps with basic facilities at a fair price. According to the latest ads, the government plans to make a camp in Saransk city. If you can find them, it can save you a lot of money.

Thirdly, transportation. You need to decide how to get to your target city and how long it takes you to go there after you get off the plane.

Here we must mention the registration. In host city, a visitor is required to get registered in 24 hours from the moment of arriving to the place; while in other cities, it can be finished in 7 days. This procedure applies to EVERYONE with non-Russian passport except FIFA workers and members of the football teams. To finish the registration, you should hold the migrant card and let the host fill in the form (in Russia) with apartment details, then hand in the copy of your passport and immigration card to the nearest police. The police will register you and give back a paper conformation.

Fourthly, forbidden cities in Russia. There are some cities that are forbidden for visiting for non-Russian citizens despite having all documents. These areas and cities are located also close to host cities. It is hard to find any difference between them and the allowed ones. But if you find them. do not even try to register.

Fifthly, check your backpack before going there. If your carry medicines that contain restricted substances(such as barbiturate, codeine, sibutramine, anabolic steroids, androgens and other sex hormones, analgesic (tramadol), psychostimulants), you must present a doctor’s letter confirming the need for each medication to authorities.

When in the World Cup

When in the World Cup, the most important thing becomes nothing but to enjoy the match as much as possible. You may want to record your favorite football player or take a video to your best friend to share them with the exciting scene. Therefore, here comes the big issue, the battery life of your phone. It is terrible to lose contact in a foreign country. Here we will suggest some portable charger products for your reference.

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After the World Cup

After the World Cup, you may set out your return journey, but one thing should be mentioned here. It is forbidden in Russia to bring antiques while leaving the country, even though you purchased them legally. Items like artwork, icons, samovars, rugs, military medals and antiques must have certificates indicating they do not have historical or cultural value.

What’s more, as the World Cup lasts for one month, you may spend your time in Russia after watching a match. It is dangerous if you treat everyone on the street casually. Never go to a bar or club with strangers or someone you meet for the first time on the street. And always keep your passport safe while hanging out. Avoid carrying large sums of cash. For more details, read about everything you need to know about traveling to Russia.

All in all, just make sure you are prepared. Get every document done before you start off, be careful of any possible dangers, and you will definitely have a great journey.