The Most Powerful PD Power Bank on Amazon

Today, what we ask for a portable charger is not only its basic charging function——of course it’s still the most important, but also we want it to be stylish, portable, versatile, etc. Different people center on different details, but classics never go out of style. These represent the best choice of the market, especially of those who pursue perfect and beauty of technology.

Coincidentally, Zendure’s team, which specializes in charging accessories manufacturing, are a group of technology lovers who pursue perfection. Many of their designs and technologies are praised by Tech Advisor, while A8PD is the most powerful PD power bank of Zendue in Amazon.

Classic Portable Charger, Perfectionist's Choice

A8PD is the top-one product of Zendure,trusted by more than 100k fans worldwide. It has a great annual sales volume and has received real praise in quality, safety performance and other aspect. Why is it called the most powerful power bank in Amazon? What highlights does it exactly have? Let’s see.

Enough Battery for a Week

The larger the capacity of your power bank is, the more it can charge your devices. A8PD has the highest capacity in the market, which is 26,800mAh. That means it could charge your iPhone for almost 10 times! It’s absolutely your mobile charging station. Even if the power is off in your home, don’t worry, you can continue to play games or binge-watch Netflix with A8PD.

Super-Quick Charge, No Waiting

With Power Delivery, a power bank charges much faster, and Zendure never exaggerates its products’ speed. An ordinary 5V/2A portable charger only charge iPhone X from 0% to 18% in 30 minutes, while in just half an hour, A8PD charges iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus up to 50% with its 30W power delivery. For A8PD itself, it could be recharged fully in 3-4 hours with 30W PD adapter. By the way, you are able to charge 4 of your devices when A8PD is being charged! That’s because A8PD support pass-through charging (one of Zendure’s high charging technologies) and it is the first power bank which has 5 ports. Because it supports fast charging for 12 inch New MacBook, Nintendo Switch, most Type-C PD laptops, Android phones and tablets, so share it with your family and friends, it works well.

LED Digital Readout, Power is Visible Anytime

For such a high capacity portable charger, accurate LED digital readout is absolutely a necessary user-friendly feature. It shows real-time battery percent, you can get an exact readout of how much capacity remains, so you won't be in a hurry.

Stylish and Cool

Although A8PD has an enormous battery capacity, it has a unique lightweight and thickness comparing to the same capacity power banks, every reduction of thickness and weight is a breakthrough for Zendure team, especially for designers. Thanks to their effort, this compact portable charger isn’t heavy and it doesn’t look ponderous. Conversely, it’s thin and lightweight enough, which just weigh 1.06 pounds. It also has the design of stripe texture on the surface, which feels really comfortable and special. Black are silver are both classic colors, either one is fashionable and won’t go out of style.

Multi-Faceted Safety Protection, Dozens of Quality Tests

Every product of Zendure have to go through dozens of professionally customized quality tests, and get safety protection against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging, etc. That is to guarantee its safe and high-efficient charging/recharging performance, and to think more for you!

Because our income is increasing, the concept of consumption upgrade has been put forward and it’s hot these years. Actually, consumption upgrade and income do not have inevitable relation. Nowadays, we pay much attention to the appearance and additional features when we purchase a smartphone or a power bank, which is just a proof of consumption upgrade. Indeed, the additional features (such as brands) of products stand for something really important. A power bank or a smartphone—— everything you get, could show your taste, preference and lifestyle.