The Latest Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank Recommendations

When it comes to Quick Charge 3.0, you may have several questions. What is the difference between Quick Charge and normal charge? Is there Quick Charge 4.0 or 2.0? What is the special feature of Quick Charge 3.0? Here we will give some explanations.

What is Quick Charge 3.0?

Quick Charge is a kind of technology that dedicated to shorten the charging time. There are four models on the market now: QC 1.0, QC 2.0, QC 3.0, and QC 4.0. The bigger the number, the more efficient they are. Quick Charge 3.0 was released in late 2015 by Qualcomm.

QC 3.0 is compatible with USB, can deliver twice the charging speed of QC 1.0, and up to 4 times faster than standard chargers. In laboratory tests a Quick Charge 3.0 is able to juice up a 2750mAh battery went from 0% to 80% charge in 35 minutes, while a device without Quick Charge 3.0 using a conventional (5 volt, 1 amp) charger achieved just a 12% gain in the same 30 minutes. On the other hand, QC 3.0 supports USB Type-A, USB Type-C and micro USB, as well as proprietary connections. It's easy for manufacturers to use QC 3.0 on a wide variety of devices.

As power banks have become inevitable companions for smartphones you may encounter several troubles such as the annoying recharging time, a dead power bank battery after time without use, a larger volume always accompanied with larger size, or maybe the color is too monotonous…. Here we find several satisfying products after a long search.

Tip 1: Zendure X6 (20,000 mAh)

Among our choices, Zendure X6 stands out for its impressive light weight and versatile features. Zendure X6 is the ideal product that was designed around the input of our customers, which makes it the lightest and smallest power bank. Its biggest attracting feature lies in the USB Hub Module which allows you to seamlessly charge your device as well as sync and manage your files.

As the USB hub is designed with a Type-C port, you are free to connect it to your device and achieve quick charging. X6 has an industry-leading 45W USB-C PD input & output, which allows it to charge the iPhone 8, 8Plus or iPhone X 300% faster than their original chargers, also, enabling to accomplish full charge in 3 hours.

Many power banks on the market have a common limitation: they are designed with minimum output ranging from 80mAh to 150 mAh. And while the device is too small to draw current larger than that, the minimum output is likely to bring shut-off issues. Based upon this, Zendure X6 gives its solutions and ensures its compatibility with every small device like watch, MP3, and so on. Bring Zendure X6 to your outdoor activities and you will have a full backup for every small device.

Tip 2: Zendure A8 QC (26,800 mAh)      

Zendure A8 QC is also an impressive product that supports QuickCharge 3.0 technology. Its capacity goes higher than X6, more than 6,800 mAh, which enables it to extend your phone usage 7-9 times. Thanks to the QuickCharge technology, it takes only 10-12 hours to recharge using a QC3.0 charger. Like many high capacity power banks, Zendure A8 QC supports alternative devices charging as well, which means that you can charge four devices at the same time, and one of them can enjoy Quick Charge.

Another impressive feature of Zendure A8 QC pertains to its storage efficiency. Zendure A series products share a common feature that they are able to maintain up to 95% of its charge after six months without use. Thereby, they are always favored by airline workers.

Tip 3: POWERADD (20100mAh)

Poweradd power bank is also an outstanding product that designed with QC 3.0 technology. High capacity as it is, it enables 8 full charging for an iPhone 6s, or 5 full charging for a Samsung Galaxy 6. And thanks to the QC 3.0 technology, its recharge takes only 6-8 hours with a QC 3.0 wall charger. As for the output, Poweradd follows the standard at 19W, enabling to support simultaneously charge for dual devices.

Either in life or at work, we all want to go for efficiency to save energy and time. The appearances of Quick Charge power banks undoubtedly bring much convenience in charging. If you are still searching for ways to save charging time when in outdoor, just go for a QC power bank.