The Best Designed Power Bank of 2018

Nowadays, people love videos. We watch long soap operas while we’re having dinner, and we open Boomerang or Tik Tok to watch short videos while we’re lying in bed. With the popularity of 4G/WiFi (or 5G one day), we spend more and more time on mobile phones, because binge-watching dramas, listening to audio programs and playing games everywhere are available and smooth. These activities consume more data traffic than calling or reading news, and need more battery power, of course. Thus, carrying a portable charger outside becomes necessary especially when we are on business or go for a long trip. 2018 is almost over, here we’d like to recommend a best design power bank of 2018 for your reference.

What do we care about most when we want to choose a great power bank? This is the first question we should be clear. Is it its appearance? No, what we need is something user-friendly and practical, of course if a practical power bank also takes design into account then that’s really what we admire. Here, the best power bank of the year from Zendure, designed by Apexer to celebrate Zendure’s five year anniversary in Silicon Valley, has the best practicability as well as design. Durability or style? Choose both.

Zendue Pre-Order Limited Edition X6 Power Bank &Hub

It’s designed as the most fashionable power bank. “We’re always working to make sure that our products are beautiful inside and out, so to speak, but for our five year anniversary, we wanted to do something really special and meaningful.” Zendure’s team said. Therefore this limited edition X6 comes. X6’s co-designer is Apexer, who is a famous San Francisco street artist creating colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint. Abstract patterns are hot in the field of fashion these years, the patterns and a power bank complement each other, which doubtlessly makes the jointly-designed X6 cool and eye-catching.

It’s also designed as a power bank with excellent performance. It’s ultra-fast, super-large and almost all devices fully integrated. Just look at its performance parameters. First, it could provide 45W full speed charging due to Zendure’s latest PD fast charging technology. Secondly, it has 20,100 mAh large battery to power your iPhone or Galaxy up to 6 times! Last, X6 is compatible with MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Smartwatches, Fitbit, Beats Headphones, etc. You may have to carry all kinds of devices outside, but you just need to carry a power bank to charge them, by the way, X6 has 5 ports to charge 5 devices simultaneously.

It’s designed as a multifunctional assistant, as well. Zendure’s team have packed all of your wish of features into one. You wish your power bank could be high-tech, such as supporting data-transmission? That’s OK, X6 comes with a USB hub mode which provides data transfer functions over its 2 USB-A ports. You wish your Apple Watch with minimal power could also be charged by a power bank? No problem, X6’s X-Charge mode makes it reality. Zendure design team knows that you were confused because the majority of power banks in the market couldn’t charge smartwatches, Beats wireless earphones, Fitbit fitness bands. So they design the most unique X6 that can charge an almost unlimited range of low-power devices.

Zendure is the most trusted company in airline industry because of its long history and abundant experience in charging accessory manufacture. Before, Zendure X6 was originated from Indiegogo, one of the most successful power bank portable charger crowdfunding platform, and it was trusted by over 2,000 backers worldwide. It is sure that this limited edition X6 with unique design would be more salable. Get the limited edition X6 power bank & Hub today for estimated delivery in December 2018 here.

The feeling brought by technology is wonderful, the good products that people produce through technology and creativity make our life more convenient and colorful. We can see the scenery thousands of miles away all over the world at home, and we can always keep in touch with our family and friends when we are outside because of the electronic devices. Today, to choose something with a sense of design is to choose a unique lifestyle.