The 5 Coolest Travel Products on Indiegogo

Besides Kickstarter, there’s another famous crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. There you can find innovative startups and growing companies to invest in, from software to hardware, games, restaurants, and more. Indiegogo has grown greatly over years, and travel products are one of the most eye-catching types. There are so many surprising travel products that have changed the way we travel. Here, we’d like to show the five coolest travel products on Indiegogo. Let’s take a look at these inspiring travel products at once!

  1. The Safest Global Travel Adapter: One World, One Adapter

When traveling, we are not familiar with the environment we live in, so the safety and protection mechanism of charging accessories is important. Zendure’s Passport Pro is praised as the safest travel adapter, why? There are three reasons:

Firstly, it’s the world’s first travel adapter with an auto-resetting fuse, most other travel adapters on the market are designed with single-use fuses.

Secondly, it keeps electricity grounded, the ground wire plays such an important role, but surprisingly 99% of travel adapters on the market do not have a ground connection.

Thirdly, it adapts the highest international standards—the first travel adapter which achieves both IEC60884-2-5 Certification and BS8546 Certification.

Although extremely important, security is just the most basic aspect of a travel adapter. Passport Pro has won the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture. That’s because its powerful features and excellent design—it supports 18W fast charging and charging 5 devices simultaneously, it’s globally universal so you just need to bring one for all countries! No wonder this project has already been funded more than 416% this year.

  1. A fully adjustable travel pillow: make the most of your sleep

Traditional travelling pillows have helped us a lot, but they’re not user-friendly enough. Therefore, Trtl team has been working on the ultimate sleep solution all the time, and they developed Trtl Pillow Plus through 5 years of research and development, making Trtl Pillow Plus the best inflight pillow. It has been updated to be a brand new wrappable neck pillow for travel, with height adjustable and breathable fabric, so we can get the customizable height and pleasant temperature when we use it. This is a fantastic design for our travel comfort, for more, see its project introduction.

  1. Travel safe bag: keep thieves far away

When we travel to another place, public security there is unsure, and safe is the top thing which includes our personal and property safety. BLACK OPS launched a fascinating travel safe bag we need on our vacation. This anti-theft bag will help to keep thieves away and then something bad wouldn’t happen to us. They say it’s 4 times more cut resistant than bulletproof vest material, so it’s almost impossible to get cut. And also, you can lock it securely to any permanent fixtures by using a special steel cable strap. Just focus on your dinner date, not your bag then.

  1. Travel friendly blanket: super warm and lightweight

We need blankets when we are on a fight or at our destination. This travel blanket is the world's first adventure-ready, snuggle-up-ready, travel-ready blanket, because it can keeps you  warm and it is amazing lightweight! How does it do that? It uses 150 grams of micro-thermal insulation and modern-day insulation to keep you warm from your head to the sewn in foot-pocket. And we can compresses the blanket to a portable size of just 5"x13" the attached carry bag and strap makes it the ultimate travel blanket. If you are going for a safari where large temperature difference between day and night, then a blanket is your travel necessity!

  1. Smart heated travel mug: keeps your drink at the perfect temperature

If you're a coffee drinker, you may find it's hardly ever just right to get our coffee at the right temperatures. But the birth of high-tech coffee mug has solved this problem. No matter what the weather is like outside or inside, this smart heated travel mug could keep your drink at the perfect temperature until you’ve had the last drop with its built-in heating technology. This is an absolute must in winter!

These products on Indiegogo would make our travel smoother and even change our way of travel. Millions of people all over the world visit Indiegogo to find clever and unconventional projects that solve everyday problems large and small. Click the Indiegogo page for more info and you’ll find something inspiring.