SuperHub makes Apple’s new iPad Pro even better.

Apple just released their new iPad Pro this week, and we’re really impressed! It’s a powerful and convenient device for people on the go. And looking at the specs, there’s really no better companion for the new iPad Pro than SuperHub.

Charge Faster

The new iPad Pro has a maximum charging speed of 30W, but the power adapter included with iPad Pro only offers 18W. SuperHub can deliver 30W, meaning it can charge the new iPad Pro in almost half the time compared to the included charger. That’s less time tethered to a wall outlet and more time being productive… or just having fun.

Get More Done

On top of that, SuperHub expands the capabilities of the new iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard. iPad Pro has a USB-C port that can be connected to SuperHub to take advantage of hub capabilities, so you can pass-through charge another USB-C device and connect a USB-A device as well.

A New Perspective

One more thing! Want to hook up an external display? SuperHub’s HDMI port delivers 4K@60Hz video, for twice the resolution and detail compared to 1080p.

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