Should We Expect 5G iPhones Come Out in 2019?

Ten years after 4G came out in 2009, 5G network is now around the corner. With the supply of 5G network service by some carriers in the first half year of 2019, there must be some Android 5G smartphones coming out taking advantage of 5G. On the other hand, Apple, as the main rival of Android phones, seems to be a slower follower in network adoptions. Just like the case when 4G came iPhone was the latest to update, Apple is rumored to have no 5G iPhone until 2020.

Why Can’t We Expect 5G iPhones Come Out in 2019?

It is known to all that Apple and Qualcomm are having a battle in patent issues these years, and since then Apple has removed the majority of its network modem share to Intel. From 9to5Mac, it seems Intel should be blamed for the delay coming of 5G iPhone. As according to a report from Fast Company, Intel is working on 8161 5G modem which Apple will use for its next 5G iPhone, however, there are some heat dissipation issues that Intel didn’t solve yet. And if with this issue, as the high-speed 5G network will generate a lot of thermal energy inside of the phone and can be felt outside the phone, it will damage the phone battery. Intel claims the issue will be solved as soon as possible, but maybe not before some Android 5G smartphones come out.

Another rumor has it that Apple may take Media Tek as its plan B so it can have its 5G iPhones debut as soon as possible. But all these rumors are not sure until the final 5G iPhone on our hands.

What Does 5G Mean for Smartphone?

5G connectivity is the fifth generation of wireless technology, better than 4G network, it can offer great improvement in speed, less latency and more bandwidth. Most importantly, 5G network is more constructed to reach the potential of other technologies such as VR, autonomous vehicles and internet of things. When comes to the case of smartphone, what exactly can we expect?

Compare to the current 4G mobile networks which offer about 45Mbps (megabits per second) on average, 5G can offer 10 to 20 times faster according to chipmaker Qualcomm reported. In another word, it means you can download a movie in a minute or just several seconds. How fast it is given that we still need dozens of minutes or even hours to download a regular movie with current 4G networks.

For gamers and video lovers, 5G will enhance their experience and make them immersive in their paradise as 5G networks mean super high resolution, less latency than you can notice, and allow more access to other devices. When you are gaming with VR or augmented reality technology, you need 5G mobile networks to facilitate the exciting experience.

What Will Be The First 5G Smartphones?

There are piles of rumors about Android 5G smartphones which were expected to come out after the 5G network service was applied in the year of 2019. And the pioneer of this trend might be Samsung, Huawei and Oneplus.

It’s unsurprising that Samsung will be in the fore of the 5G charge as this is usually the case. The model which will be the first to support 5G is rumored to be S10. Whether this proves to be true we have to wait until the Mobile World Congress 2019 holding at the end of February. Or maybe we can expect 5G applied in its foldable model “F” which would be an exciting thing.

After Huawei made its “P20” and “Mate20” debut this year, it has become a name that we all won’t forget. According to an exclusive interview to Walter Ji, president of Huawei’s Western European Consumer, made by T3, Huawei is working on 5G-enable smartphones and will be applied in its next P30 or “Mate” series. If the tradition is followed, consumers will see Huawei’s 5G smartphone in the second half year of 2019.

Another android phone brand might be Oneplus. It is a Chinese brand which features low price and high quality. It is confirmed in the World Mobile Congress Shanghai that Oneplus is also working on 5G-capable smartphones and will be cooperate with US carriers to bring it into live in the next year. Following the models of this year, the 5G-capable Oneplus will be model 7 or 7T.

4G networks are sure to be gradually replaced by 5G. But the first to take the sweet may also take more risks. Will you sit and watch the 5G smartphone war, or embrace the 5G smartphone in the fore?