Should I Buy iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy Note9?

After Samsung released its first Note device in 2011, people love big screen phones. Since then, all other manufacturers have followed this trend, and even Apple has since introduced Plus-size models.

Now, Apple has unveiled a new device with the largest display ever, iPhone XS Max in September. Consumers view iPhone XS Max as Apple's response to Samsung's Galaxy Note9. Samsung's latest Galaxy Note9, released in August, has a 6.4-inch screen. Both are high-end mobile phones.

Is iPhone XS Max powerful enough to tempt fans from the excellent Samsung Galaxy Note9? Through our comparison of the two phones’ configurations, it can be found that they have great similarities. For instance, both of them are adopted powerful chips with great computing speed and double lens camera on the back. However, there are still some distinct differences which could help you to decide to buy which of them.

Size and Weight

Note9 is the lighter of the two phones. But iPhone XS Max is about 13% thinner than Note9. One big reason the Note9 is thicker is because it has a stylus, which is stored on the phone, allowing the user to pop it out when needed and return it for storage.

S Pen is the most notable part of the Note series, which highlights one major difference between the two phones. S Pen can be used to write, annotate, and navigate the phone's interface with precision. Samsung has customized the software to automatically offer various options when removing the stylus, including the ability to capture part of the screen, annotate content or simply doodle. It's a luxury in Apple's world, because for now it has a stylus only for iPad users.


With smartphones becoming our mobile wallets and flight boarding passes, biometric security has become an important selling point. Apple relies entirely on the advanced Face ID facial recognition system, abandoning the Touch ID system and related hardware buttons.

Samsung continues to use fingerprint sensor and iris scanning, facial recognition and other technologies to keep devices safe. If you prefer a fingerprint to unlock, Samsung is a good option.

Proprietary Functions

Note9 can be turned into a PC, an innovation and powerful feature that Samsung can execute seamlessly. It can connect to the display via cable and run desktop applications, and connect the mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth. It still runs Android, not Microsoft's Windows, but that's enough for some people who want to manage all their work environments on one device.

Battery and Charging

Samsung has been conservative on batteries since its Note 7 event. But Note9's battery has changed dramatically this time. Comparing to Note 8's battery capacity of 3300mAh and 6 hours screen opening time, it has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh and 7 to 8 hours screen opening time. Note9 supports fast wired and wireless charging, but the former is only comparable to Qualcomm's QC 2.0 technology.

Similarly, iPhone XS Max supports quick charging, it can be charged up to 50 percent of the battery in 30 minutes. And its battery works up to 1.5 hours longer than iPhone X and 1 hour longer than iPhone XS.

Wireless charging has become the norm for these high-end flagship phones. Both iPhone XS Max and Note9 support wireless charging. However, the official standard wireless charging is undoubtedly more expensive. Some third-party component manufacturers have made some big breakthroughs in wireless charging, and they are cheaper and faster. Here, Zendure’s Q3 wireless charger is recommended.

Zendure Q3 Wireless Charger: One-Step Easy Charging

Zendure, founded in 2013, is a big brand with several-year experiences in producing top-quality consumer electronics that exceed consumer expectations. Q3 wireless charger is the result of Zendure’s high-end technologies used in wireless charging areas.

Comparing to wired charging, Q3 wireless charger is cool, trendsetters love it. And also it’s more user-friendly. It is sleep friendly with a soft indicator LED light, and it has no beeping to interrupt you and radiation to harm you. It has a small, convenient size to bring anywhere. It’s easy to put in your bag so you don’t worry about your phone will be powered-off suddenly.

Comparing to other ordinary wireless chargers, Q3 could provide the maximum charging speed, which is even quicker than the official charging speed of some mobile phones. It provides 7.5W rapid charging for the latest iPhones and 10W for Samsung Galaxy S and Note series devices.

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Samsung Note9 is cheaper than iPhone XS Max and starts at $1,000. By comparison, the XS Max starts at $1,099.

Which Phone Will You Choose?

Apple's focus on improving its software, image systems and broader hardware ecosystems, iPhone XS Max may be better suited for ordinary consumers and some corporate users.

Samsung is more focused on pure productivity, adding an S Pen and offers a PC-like experience when connected to a display, it may be more suitable for users with higher productivity requirements.