Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0

Nowadays, our attention to fast-charging continues to rise when we’re purchasing electronic devices. Whether mobile phones enable fast charging or not has been an important reference. At this stage, the development of battery technology has encountered bottlenecks, and it’s difficult for unit capacity to make a qualitative leap forward. The contradiction between the increase in power consumption of battery and the demand for smaller and lighter mobile phones by users has become an industry problem, which has led to rapid charging technology.

Within all the fast charging technology, Qualcomm QC3.0 gets the most rapid development. Qualcomm has formed its own unique ecological chain, which covers the mobile phones, chargers, power banks, car chargers, and even drones fields.

Why Qualcomm QC 3.0 Exceeds Others — A new generation of fast charging technology.

Other fast-charging technologies include mtkpe2.0 and pe3.0 of Media Tek, pd2.0 and pd3.0 from the USB PD Association, and Hass Fast Charge (FCP) of Huawei. Actually, there is a wide gap in their strengths. Throughout the market, the number of fast-charging products of Qualcomm is more than the sum of several others. This is due to Qualcomm’s long experience in R&D of radio communication technology. It was established in July 1985 and plays an important role in promoting wireless communications forward with technological innovations. Besides, it takes the lead in CDMA technology and its LTE technology has become the fastest growing wireless technology in the world. Qualcomm attaches great importance to R&D, and has provided technology licensing to more than 100 manufacturers, which involve all brands of telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics equipment all over the world.

How to Charge Mobile Phones with QC 3.0?

Qualcomm 3.0 covers mobile phones, chargers, power banks, car chargers, etc. It means if you want your mobile phone to be QC 3.0 fast charged, there are two conditions:

First, your mobile phone and the charger can support QC 3.0.

Second, the power bank can also support QC 3.0.

Here we take a look at what mobile phones and power banks can achieve QC 3.0.

Smartphones That Support QC 3.0

To see whether a mobile phone supports QC 3.0, it depends mainly on the built-in processor model of the smart phone. Currently, the newest Qualcomm processors that support QC 3.0 include:

  • 800 series——Snapdragon 821 and 820 processor.
  • 600 series: Snapdragon 653, Snapdragon 626 and 625.
  • 400 series: Snapdragon 450 and 427.

And 200 series could only support QC 2.0, other older processors like Snapdragon 617(618) can also support QC 3.0, but they may not be used by mobile phones manufactures now.

If your phone is equipped with these processors, most of them support QC3.0 fast charging. There are a lot of mobile phones that currently support QC3.0, as follows:

  • 8848 titanium phone M4 with Snapdragon 820
  • Nubian Z17 with Snapdragon 653
  • Meizu Note 6 and Xiaomi 5X with Snapdragon 625
  • Moto Z2 Play and Nut Pro with Snapdragon 626

Above are the newest mobile phone models that could achieve QC 3.0 fast charging technology——they are recommended because they get high points in the rank of cell phone processor performance.

Other mobile phones supporting QC 3.0 include Jinli S10C, LG G5, HP Elite x3, HTC One A9, vivo Xplay5, OPPO R9, Huawei P9, Samsung S7, HTC 10, Nokia 8, Nubia Z11, etc.

Power Banks Supporting QC 3.0

For mobile phones that support QC 3.0 above, you can use the original charger to charge it quickly. Choosing a QC 3.0 power bank can not only achieve fast charging, but also solve the problem of being unable to direct charge outside. Qualcomm does not produce devices but only gives certification (equivalent to Apple's MFi certification). So although there are some QC 3.0 power banks in the market, the performance of them and their compatibilities with mobile phones and prices may vary widely. The following recommended portable charger is the newest product of Zendure and is currently on a crowd-funding platform—— Indiegogo.

The New X6 with X-Charge

X-Series is Zendure’s new line of power banks that represents the latest charging technology in the market. Some features of X6 cannot be achieved by other companies, such as the noticeable X-Charge, which is a unique feature for low powered devices. It can charge GALAXY S8+, Apple watch, AirPods and Fitbit Alta with QC 3.0 or Zen+.

Zendure X6 Compared to Competitors:

  1. Five outputs: The number of outputs decides how many devices could be charged simultaneously, X6 has the most 5 outputs exceeding Anker PowerCore+ 26800 with only 3 outputs.
  2. Unique UPS: A common problem with power banks today is that you cannot use them to charge other devices while power banks are being charged. X6 has been upgraded to including UPS functionality, and there is no power interruption when it switches between pass-through and battery mode. This hasn’t been achieved by Omni 20 USB-C or Razer.
  3. Impressive design: X6’s weight and dimensions are only a surprising 386g and 318cm³— much smaller and lighter than its competitors.

Besides, X6 has USB hub, digital LED display and 20,000 mAh capacity, and can be recharged fully within short 3 hours. There is no wonder it has been praised by SHOUTS, CISION, Geeky Gadgets.