Never Fear a Dead Battery Again: SuperTank Portable Charger Keeps You Connected

With a fast-paced lifestyle and desire to stay connected, people are usually busy on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Be it in the market, at a coffee shop or at the airport, everyone is staying connected with their mobile devices.

All this drains energy from the battery of these electronic devices. The higher the resources consumed for an activity, the higher the drainage of the battery. In the worst cases, we see the ‘battery about to die’ or ‘reconnect to a charger if you do not want to lose work’ signal. We are consumed by worry if we are not able to  connect to power immediately. If we have forgotten the charger at home or have misplaced it, then our face reflects that of someone who has seen a ghost. Or if we do have the charger but are unable to find a charging point, then it seems that earth has run out of oxygen for us to breathe.

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports, quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices

With such a strong everyday dependency on devices with mobility that run on electric current, would it not be wiser to be more prepared than we are presently? Enter the portable charger - the power bank. With Zendure’s SuperTank power bank, you can rest assured that your portable charging worries will be taken care of for good. SuperTank is portable which means it can be carried anywhere. It is a power bank, which means it stores power for you just like a bank stores your money for you.

SuperTank has sufficient storage capacity for all your immediate needs. When fully charged, it can supply enough power to recharge your phone from 0% about 7-9 times. And if you want support on the go for your laptop, assuming it is compatible, then your laptop can also get uninterrupted power supply for about 13 hours under standard conditions. With that kind of long and stable supply of energy, completing a half-watched movie or finishing your office presentation should be a cakewalk. You can even impress your boss at work if you use the power bank with your laptop during presentation, as it will totally remove any chances of someone accidentally tripping over the laptop power cable!

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports, quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices

Now if you’re wondering how long you will have to spend charging the power bank itself, then you don’t need to fret over it. With a 100W charger and high capacity charging cable, our new SuperTank is fully charged under 1 hour! What more do you need? You don’t have to worry about losing sleep over it no matter how late you are returning from work or no matter how early you have to leave for work the next day. Our power bank is going to be an asset to you, it will assist you, instead of drawing your attention towards this worry.

With a beautiful design and color options in black or silver, it leaves a great impression in front of everybody. And you don’t need to worry about its strength and durability; we ran our power banks over with a car during trial phases to ensure zero worries.

And we have equipped it with the latest pass-through technology as well, which means that while it is charging, it can still be used for supplying power to devices connected to it, allowing electricity to ‘pass through’ to the supported devices. Isn’t that an intelligent bit of work by our research and design team!

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports, quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices

And for the frequent flyers, this is just as easy to carry as anything else. Despite its tremendous performance capabilities, it weighs a measly 483 grams (17 oz) and is also within the permissible limit as set by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) to bring on airplanes. It can provide charge support to four devices at a time, with two USB-C PD (Power Delivery) ports along with two Zen+ 2.0 ports (these two are compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 technology as well). With our SuperTank at your disposal, we assure you that you are all set for a trouble-free, worry-free travel and work companion.

SuperTank portable charger also has an LED display screen to tell you of the remaining charge so you can stay aware of the upcoming need for recharging it. And with a total output of 138 W, we feel there is little else that is left for us to incorporate in this magnificent piece of hardware of the digital world. It has been priced very attractively and special discounts are also available for the early bird go-getters. Find now on Indiegogo.