Most Durable USB Cable for iPhone XS

Just purchased an iPhone XS? With a 5W charger, a pair of earbuds with lightning connector, and of course, a lightning cable included, you are ready to have a good date with your baby iPhone.

However, as you know from past experiences, everyday wear and tear leads to your white cable gradually yellowing as the wires inside start to expose, and connector becomes separated from connector. It’s annoying to replace one lightning cable after another because of the unavailability of a lifelong cable. But this has been solved since Zendure created its SuperCord. It will prove itself the most durable USB cable for iPhone XS! Let’s see how it is.

Defense-Grade USB Cable—Strong and Durable!

Zendure team spent one-year of development to make the SuperCord cable come to life, meeting consumers demands for strength and durability. Supercord uses a frequently seen material in bullet resistant vests, crash helmets, and extreme sports gear, which is not often seen in cables. The reinforced structure features 400 fibers and 1050D individual strands, enhancing the durability and flexibility of the whole cable. If you have no picture in your mind what this terms refer to, I think you will be more clear how strong it is when you know it survives from pulling a normal sized car.

Withstand 50,000+ Bend Testing!

Bend Testing certificated by TÜV lab proves that Zendure SuperCord USB cable is able to withstand 50,000 flexes at 180 degrees. This is really amazing! How? Even Anker, maybe the biggest name in electronics accessary industry, is proved to have its cable endure 6,000+ times bend lifespan. So obviously, with SuperCord, the lifespan is much longer.

No Wires Sticking Out Anymore!

The superior strain relief reinforced the conjunction between the cable and connector thanks to its soft and flexible material. The days the wires sticking out of the cable because of the fragile relief strain are gone.

Organize with a Genuine Leather Strap

Cables are annoying when they are not in use as they are easy to tangle together, wasting you so much time to untie when using next time. However, Zendure SuperCord is made of Nylon and defense-grade material which is not easy to tangle and also the extra genuine leather strap can make it organized all the time.

High-Speed Charging and Lifetime Warranty Focused

Certificated by Apple, this cable can deliver a high-speed charging up to 12W. What’s more, it can be replaced if it breaks from normal wear and tear. This is one of the best USB cable complementing your brand new iPhone XS and only costs $9.99 in a Kickstarter Special.

How to Care for Your USB Cable

The quality of a cable is the main factor in how long it will last, while a good maintenance decides how long it can be extended. Here are some tips to help you saving your cable from quick damage.

Tip 1: Store the Cord Properly

Cables are easy to wear and tear if you shove them roughly into your bag when you are not using them. Wrap them with a strap and put them into your bag properly. It will reduce friction between your cable and other things so as to prevent it from damage.

Tip 2: No Extreme Bending

The conjunction between the cable and the connector is usually the most fragile part. It is easy to break and expose the wires inside, making the cable useless. To protect your cable from damage, sharp bends should be avoided.

Tip 3: Pull Gently

We seldom consider our cable when we are in rush. Yanking them out of the socket roughly is always the case. However, your cable may be capable of withstanding limited times of such roughness, it will break finally. Pull them out of the socket with gentle and it won’t cost so much time actually, but extend its lifespan.

Tip 4: Avoid Extreme Environments

Many materials can’t endure extreme environment for too long as it may change its physical structure and turn them into uselessness. So do not put your cables into sunlight which may cause overheating and even melt the cable.

High quality cable with reliable lifetime warranty and good maintenance will definitely change the situation in which you endlessly replace your cable one after another.