Is It Worth to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note9?

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note9 in the middle of the August, which is a little earlier than last year when Note 8 was released. After it released to the market, many hand-on reviews give it thumb ups, winning the heart of customers. The earlier release of Samsung Galaxy Note9 is out of our expectations, and so is its price tag. Galaxy Note9 starts a price at $1000 with 128GB storage and 6GB RAM the same price level to the iPhone X last year. With such a high price tag, is it really worth to buy it?

What’s New in Galaxy Note9?

Equipped with a larger 6.4 inch screen, which is slightly bigger than the 6.3 inch Note8, the Galaxy Note9 is by no means a one-handed smartphone. However, this can give you a more satisfying gaming and video watching experience. The notch-free design makes the Galaxy Note9 more eye-catching, and the powerful 4000mAh battery makes it more useful, especially for those who need to run on a single charge all day. It still supports fast charging and wireless charging which let you make full use of the advanced technologies.

Moreover, it comes with an upgraded S Pen which adopts Low Energy Bluetooth, making it much more versatile. It is not a traditional pencil for note-taking and drawing anymore, you can now also use it as a remoter which allows you to play/pause music, take hands-free group photos, and what’s better, it can used as a clicker as well so you can use it to go back or forward your slides — an excellent feature that meets the needs of business persons. You don’t need to worry that the Pen will power off with heavy usage, because it can be fully charged in just around 40 seconds by put it back into the slot.

What’s Making Note9 Better?

The camera is better than Note 8. It comes with a dual rear 12MP setup that has dual-aperture technology. With Super Slow Mo Videos, AR Emoji backed with some finer avatar customization; you are expected to enjoy it. And Samsung put the SDK for S Pen so other third party apps can also take advantages of this technology.

You can expect more customization as long as developers support this technology. For those who need a lot of storage for photo and data storage, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will draw much of your attention as it is the first smartphone that supports both the 512GB flash drive and a variety of 512GB microSD memory card.

Downsides of Samsung Galaxy Note9

>The best and most expensive Android you can buy.

Although the Samsung Galaxy features everything that you may want, but it is also much more expensive than most Android phones. There are two options of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to choose: 128GB internal storage and 6GB RAM at $1000(£899 / AU$1499 / AED 3699); 512GB internal storage and 8GB RAM at $1250(£1099 / AU$1799 / AED4599).  

>The Selfie Mode with S Pen is not that practical.

The S Pen provide another way to take selfie, in theory, it is much more convenient when capturing group photos, however, in fact, it is not easy to find a right spot for resting your smartphone as a result that there are not much satisfying photos you can pick in the photo gallery. But it will be much better if you have a tripod for your Galaxy Note9.

>No HDR Recording Video.

According to the hand-on review on Techradar, the biggest complaint about the almost perfect camera is that “rival Android handsets can record 4K HDR video with 64 times the color data compared to current 4K video, while the Note 9 can’t.”

To sum up, Samsung Galaxy Note is a real master of specs and features. If you care less about the price than its functions, the Note9 is worth buying!