iPhone X Vs. iPhone XS: Is iPhone XS Worth Buying?

The world of smartphones is constantly moving forward, with a never-ending parade of improvements and upgrades. Owners of an iPhone X will be weighing up whether the upgrade to an iPhone XS is worth it. Others may be anticipating a price drop for the iPhone X and wondering if the iPhone XS justifies the extra outlay. After watching this article, you may have the answer about “Is iPhone XS worth buying”?

Let’s look at the comparison about iPhone Xs and X:


iPhone XS

iPhone X

Starting Price




A12 Bionic

A11 Bionic


5.8in OLED

5.8inch OLED


64GB, 256GB, 512GB

64GB, 256GB





12MG dual camera

12MG dual camera


Gold, Silver, Space Gray

Silver, Space Grey

While the XS maintains the look of the original iPhone X, plenty of other features have undergone a noticeable change.


The most notable thing here is the upgrade to Apple’s latest A12 Bionic processor. This new chip is faster and more power-efficient than its predecessor, the A11, which you’ll find in the iPhone X. Apple suggests it is 15 percent faster and 40 percent more power-efficient.

There’s also an improved Neural Engine in the A12 Bionic, along with augmented reality and graphical improvements that should please gamers in particular. Apple has also seen fit to add an extra 1GB of RAM, giving the iPhone XS 4GB of RAM, which should make it a more capable multitasker.

We’re not sure how much the extra speed will be felt right now, since the iPhone X will comfortably handle anything you can throw at it, but as more demanding apps and games are released to take advantage of this jump in raw processing power, we will see a gap. Apple also suggests that apps will load up to 30 percent faster on the iPhone XS.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS


Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone X feature 12 MG dual cameras on the back with one of them a wide-angle lens and the other a telephoto camera. However, the size of the sensor has gone from 1.2 to 1.4 microns on the iPhone XS and XS Max, and the pixels are deeper as well. The result is a 50 improvement in light gathering capability.

With Smart HDR, your iPhone can capture multiple exposures in a short time frame for a balanced shot. The iPhone XS is able to capture more exposures in a shorter amount of time, reducing shutter lag to the point where you shouldn't notice it.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS


There’s nothing to separate the iPhones here, because both sport the same 5.8-inch OLED screen with a 2,436 × 1,125-pixel resolution. They’re sharp, bright, and boast accurate colors. The aspect ratio is 19.5:9, so this is a wide screen, though that distinctive notch cuts out a portion of it. The screen-to-body ratio is still one of the highest around at 82.9 percent.

Winner: Tie

Face ID:

Apple's face-scanning feature returns in the iPhone XS, which is good since there's no fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone or verify mobile payments. But the neural engine on the A12, combined with improved algorithms, should make Face ID go faster on the new phones than it did on the original iPhone X.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS


The iPhone X carried an IP67 dust- and water-resistance rating, meaning you could drop it in around 3 feet of water for 30 minutes without damaging your phone. The XS is a little bit more durable, with an IP68 rating. Now, the new model will survive a swim in around 6 feet of water, and Apple also says it can withstand splashes all sorts of sticky stuff like soda and beer. Independent drop tests also suggest the new iPhones can survive the occasional drop (though you'll still want to invest in a protective case).

Winner: Apple iPhone XS

Battery Life:

Apple is usually close-mouthed about the size of the battery inside its phones, and that tradition of "Who's asking?" continues with the iPhone XS. Teardowns by iFixit suggest the iPhone XS's battery has a capacity of 2,658 mAh, which would be smaller than the 2,716 mAh battery reportedly inside last year's iPhone X. However, Apple claims XS will last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS


If you dreamt of Apple possibly dropping the iPhone X's starting price, get ready for a rude awakening. The iPhone XS costs the same $999 as its predecessor if you buy the 64GB version. (Add $150 if you want a 256GB iPhone Xs and $350 for the 512GB version.)

What's still the same with the iPhone XS?

Design and Size:

As noted above, the iPhone XS has the same screen and form factor as its predecessor. Both the X and the XS measure 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches, though the newer phone is a little heavier, at 6.2 ounces versus 6.1.


It will come as no surprise that Apple has made improvements over the last year and the iPhone XS is a slightly better phone than the iPhone X. It boasts better performance, longer battery life, and a few other tweaks to make it more appealing, but the difference isn’t massive. If you have an iPhone X already, we think you should hang to it on for at least another year. For those choosing between the X and the XS, we’d definitely opt for the newer iPhone.