How to Survive a Night at the Airport

Do you want to know how to survive a night at the airport? Maybe your flights got delayed, or you chose to fly indirectly because it was cheaper. Having a layover or two can cut the cost of your flight in half, but you will often have to wait long hours on the layover.

Being stuck in an airport for 10 hours can be a rough experience. But if you come prepared, it won’t be as bad and you may even get some sleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Jeans might be what you love to wear, but will they be a good choice if you choose to have a nap at the airport? When traveling, bring more comfortable clothing like sweats. You can arrive wearing them, or simply pack them in your carry-on.

While shorts and skirts are often a good choice when trying to be comfortable, you are likely to get cold. Nobody cares how you look at an airport when it's night time. It’s all about staying comfortable. You could even wear your pajamas if you please. Plus, you can always get changed later.

Have a Blanket or a Warm Sweater

If you have ever stayed at an airport for a few hours, you know that airports tend to be cold. If you want to survive a night at the airport, a blanket or a warm sweater is essential.

Find a nice spot to stretch out and you will be thankful you have a blanket. You can always take it off if it's too warm, but on the flipside, you can’t add warmth if you don’t bring a blanket or sweater. That is, unless you want to pay airport prices to buy a cheap blanket you will never use again.

Engage With People

Can’t sleep or simply don’t want to? Talking is the most powerful tool when it comes to staying awake. If you see other restless people walking around the airport at night, that is your chance to strike up a conversation.

When meeting a stranger, you don't know anything about them and they don't know anything about you. That allows for a meaningful conversation as you learn about their life.

When meeting new people, you have more energy than in a typical conversation. You are curious. And that energy keeps you awake and entertained.

Have a Portable Charger

During a long night at the airport, you’re probably going to be on your phone a lot. Staying entertained with social media or reading the lastest news. But if you don’t bring your lightning cables or portable charger, you could be out of luck.

Especially if you have your e-ticket on your phone for your next flight.

Zendure A2 portable charger is small and compact. As small as a deck of cards, you can comfortably fit this portable battery in your pocket. The A2 portable charger has enough power to charge your phone a couple times and still have some juice left for the plane ride.

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Depending on where you are traveling, you may need a global travel adapter too. Zendure Passport Travel Adapter has all the adapters you will ever need in one place.

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Sometimes there’s nothing else that you can do (or want to do) than to sleep.

At night, airports can be pretty empty, and you may even find somewhere to stretch out and lay down. And if it comes down to it, seats at airports aren't the greatest, but if you are tired, they aren't that bad.

Survive a Night at the Airport

Staying at an airport all night won’t be the worst experience if you come prepared. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket to keep you warm.

Bring your portable charger and lightning cables to keep your devices charged. Talk to new people who look as bored as you do. And if your tired, get some sleep!

Written by Michael Smolski.