How to Stay Safe While Walking at Night

Today, technology allows us to be safer than than ever before. Always having access to emergency services with a smartphone and apps that share locations with family and friends keep individuals safe.

Home security cameras can catch criminals in the act and public camera footage can be viewed to piece crimes together. With better security and more monitoring, the world is safer than it ever was before.

But there's always a risk that something bad can happen. Especially when you are alone,  travel or are in unknown areas. You could be walking in an unsafe area completely unaware.

So what actions can you take to stay safe while walking at night?

Keep a Tracker with You

If you often come home late a night, travel alone, or are frequently out at night, it is best to let your friends and family know your location at all times.This is especially important when you are in an unknown area while walking at night.

Whether you have a location tracker in your luggage or you allow others to see your location through an app, you are safer if people you love know where you are. If anything happens, your friends and family will know where you were seen last.

Don't Put Your Head Down

When you put your head down, you are automatically sending a message to a potential attacker or thief. You show that you are not feeling confident around that person.

If a situation ever arises where you do not feel safe, don’t let it show. If you appear vulnerable, you are more likely to be a target. Keep your head up, stay confident, and get to a safe area or call for help on your smartphone.

Have a Portable Charger


If your phone battery dies while you are out alone at night, this can be very scary. You won’t be able to call somebody or share your location. You won’t be able to find where you are if you get lost. If you want to stay safe while walking at night, you need a portable charger.

Zendure A8 QC Power Bank has enough power to keep you fully charged for several days. And it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, so if your phone dies or is very low on battery, it will be charged in no time.

If you are walking without a bag and need a charger that will fit nicely in your pocket, try the A2 portable charger or A3 power bank. These are lightweight and compact, and will keep your smartphone charged during the day.

Talk on a Phone

When you are alone, it's important to feel not alone. A phone call might often help you gain confidence when walking alone. It can also prevent attackers or thieves from approaching you. Just make sure it stays charged with your portable charger.

Stay Safe While Walking Alone

The chances are that nothing will happen to you when you are out walking alone at night, but you can never be too safe. Staying aware of your surroundings and apply these tips to feel more secure.

Written by Michael Smolski.