How to Save Money While Traveling Across Europe After August

Summer is almost over. That means fewer tourists. That also means that everything is cheaper. That makes Europe even more appealing than it already is. And the temperatures from September to November are quite good for exploring. You won't be sweating from sitting.  

But even with Europe being cheaper, it still costs. Does that mean that you shouldn't travel through Europe? Why not simply use a few tricks.

Choose the Right Transport

Europe is slightly bizarre in some cases. Flying is often cheaper than taking a train and even a bus sometimes.

Ryanair is a company that really revolutionized cheap travel through Europe. On a good day, a flight from London to most cities in Poland is only around €30. A bus from London Stanstead to Stratford costs 12. That's a 29-mile journey. That makes a 30 flight look impressive.

So when you are traveling through different Europen countries and think that taking a bus or a train might be a cheaper option, check Ryanair or some other Europen airline. 

And flying is often cheaper than taking a car across countries too. You pay for fuel or gas, depending on what term you use, but you also pay motorway tolls.

Have the Right Adapter

How does that even save you money? Simply because it prevents you from spending money.

If you are traveling through Europe, you probably need an adapter. Sockets vary across the world. Spending of money starts when you start your journey in the US but decide to go to Germany after going to Ireland or the UK, that requires 3 different plugs.

Adapters take space. So do chargers. The more chargers that you have, the more adapters that you need. And that costs. Unless you have all the plugs in one device. Zendure Passport is a global travel adapter that works almost everywhere in the world. And were you still worried about your chargers? There are 4 USB ports there. So forget the chargers and simply bring some cables.

Do you know what a fuse is? It is a resistor that protects you and your devices from a current overload. And that happens a lot in different countries as electricity flows differently across the world. Whenever there is too much current flowing in, a fuse will blow. Most adapters only have one fuse. Zendure Passport, on the other hand, has a patent pending auto-resetting fuse that will last for up to 10,000 reset cycles.

And if your fuses are not breaking then you don't have to constantly spend money on new adapters.

Be Flexible

If you really want to save money, you need to be flexible. You need to be prepared not to fly on the day you wanted to fly on. That's the key to saving money. Prices differ every day, especially when it comes to flights. One day they can cost a certain price while the next day they could be 50% cheaper. If you are flexible with your flights, you will save a lot of money.

But the best thing? If you are flying in Europe and your flight gets delayed by 3 hours, you automatically have a right to a compensation of up to 600. And that money can go towards many flights.


We all love trips. We all also love spending less money when we can. And if you are smart about travel then you can actually save a lot of money. 

If you are a student and are looking to have a good time, check out the blog post about what you need as a student. And try to fit in travel when you can. It always makes student life better.

Written by Michael Smolski