How to Not Get Lost While Traveling

You may know how to get around your town or even city, but the second you leave it and go an adventure, that might not be the case. Big cities. Many streets. It gets complicated.

But we are living in an era of technology. It's hard to get lost while traveling with technology.

But what if something happens to the technology and you are in a big city without the knowledge of how to get home? What should you know to avoid this problem?

Keep Your Phone Charged

This is a quite obvious one. How many phones do you see lasting a full day? Not many. Yet we never really prepare for that moment. 

Your phone stores all the information that you need to get home. Or so we hope. Bring the tools that will keep it charged.

The first option would be not to use it but yet even then sometimes the battery just drains on them. So what’s the real first option? Always bring your charger with you. Bring it at all times. If you are lost at a good time, you can charge your phone in a restaurant. But that generally means that you will need to buy something, and it will also require you to wait.

The final solution? Have a portable charger. The great thing about it is that it’s of course portable which means you put it into your pocket and your phone can always stay charged. Well, depending on which one you use, of course, smaller models like the Zendure A1 should give you a full charge depending on your battery of course. If you are a heavy user and are with friends, consider getting the Zendure A8 QC.  Or perhaps our new model, the X6 which can charge a Nintendo Switch, iPhone X, or MacBook Air at the maximum rated speed.

Make a Mental Image of the Map

Let's say that your phone gets lost. What now? You should never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Make a mental image of where your place is. That doesn't mean that you know where it is. It simply means that you know how far to the left or right your place should be. 

If you know where the direction of your place, sooner or later you will get there.

Remember the Address

Phones aren't just for the rich. Pretty much everybody has one. If your phone is dead and you know the address, why not just ask somebody to check where you are on Google Maps? It sure will save you time. Once you see where you are, you once again need to make that so-called mental image of the map. 


Fail to do one of these, and you might find yourself being lost. And you don't want to be lost in an unknown city. 

Written by Michael Smolski.