How to Earn Money with Your Smartphone: 17 Apps that Will Make You Money

The activities done by many people are aimed at one thing—having a certain level of financial freedom. 

We use mobile phones all the time. However, we have underrated the power of these tools which are at our disposal.

Whether you are a student, a business professional, a stay-at-home parent or simply seeking employment, you can put your phone to good use and earn yourself some money.

Everyone who uses a phone is sure to have a number of apps. Many of these apps you pay for, but there are some apps that can do quite the opposite—earn you some money!

Apps such as Shopkick, iPoll, CitizenMe, Foar, CashPipate, FieldAgent, Curious Cat and Feature Points are great apps to kickstart an online career and in fact make a profitable business.

Want to be rich? You Need To Know About the Following Apps