How to Choose a Travel Adapter for Your Trips

Thanks to the convenient transportation and booming economy, many of us have the needs for traveling outside, either for business or relaxing. However, you might be surprised that there are 12 different types of power sockets around the world commonly used. To solve the charging problem, a travel adapter has always been listed in the traveling essentials.

However, not all travel adapters are made equal, to equip yourself with the most reliable one, you need to know several things.

Some Travel Adapters Come with More than One Plug Type

As mentioned before, there are different standards for plugs in different areas; the most commonly used are US, UK, EU and AU standards. If you often travel around the world, it is necessary to buy yourself a universal adapter that comes with different types of plugs. Thanks to genius engineers, some manufactures even supply travel adapters that can seamlessly work in hundreds of countries and region over the world.

Do Not Forget Travel Adapter Safety

Most travel adapters out the market only convert the plugs, not the voltages. While the possible case is that there are different voltages in the country you are going to travel and that of your home country. This might be dangerous for both you and you devices. Thus before buying a travel adapter, it is essential to check the maximum voltage it allows. And more importantly, it is safely built to protect from overloads and power surge, which means it should feature a good fuse, circuit breaker and grounding system.

Charge Multiple Devices at a Time

Electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops are indispensable for business trip; additionally, tablets, shavers, electric toothbrushes and more also need ports to charge. So it is usually a case that you may need more than one port to charge your gadgets. Luckily, there are many adapters in the market that comes with 2 or more ports, among which some of them even have USB-C port so that you can use it to charge your latest Type-C devices.

Smaller is Better

Over-heavy luggage always is always burdensome on a trip. Thus, compact and portable adapter is preferred. Most of time, an adapter with a big size is not only heavier but also blocks other sockets besides them. They are more likely to fall out from the power socket as well.

Travel Adapter Should Support Fast Charging

Fast charging is what trending today. And that’s because people need to fast charging their devices most of time in their life with a fast pace. Therefore, it will be useful if your travel adapter supports the fast charging feature.

If You Choose Zendure Passport Pro Travel Adapter…

Zendure has recently released its safest global travel adapter and successfully crowdfunding in Kickstarter. It is the world’s first resettable grounded travel adapter with USB-C PD fast charging. It’s designed to meet all your possible needs for charging in your trip. Here come some reasons why you should choose Passport Pro.

Push-button Resetting Fuse and Grounding System for Safety Protection

For most traditional adapters, there are only single-use fuses to protect electronics from power surges and overloads, while the upgraded Zendure Passport Pro replaced it with push-button resetting fuse which can be simply reset by just one push of the fuse button when the current flow exceeds safety levels.

Passport Pro introduces a new grounding system in which the four plugs of the adapter have been equipped with a ground connection, thus your devices can be kept safe even in the event of high voltage, short, or irregular electrical currents.

Supports Power Delivery

Passport Pro comes with four USB output ports, featuring a USB-C PD output and tree USB-A outputs, Passport Pro can provide fast charging to our devices through its USB-C PD port, with up to 70% faster charging speed than a standard 5W charger. Meanwhile, thanks to the 18W maximum output, you can charge your latest iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

One Adapter for All Countries

You can travel around the world with only one Passport Pro as it is a compact and lightweight universal adapter with UK, EU, AU, and US plugs. It is designed to work in more than 200 countries! One World, One Adapter!