How to Choose a Global Travel Adapter for Your Trip

Keeping a powerful and multifunctional travel gadget in your luggage has become essential no matter if it’s a short domestic trip, long international trip or worldwide adventure. If you are a frequent traveler who always travels from one country to another, you may struggle with finding a suitable travel gadget which is both compact and equipped with enough outlets for all the necessary devices. This article will tell you about how to choose a right global travel adapter and recommend the best for you.

Firstly, you should understand the difference between travel adapter and voltage converter. You may feel confused about travel adapter and travel converter for they are commonly seen together. However, they are different things.

Travel Adapter

The plug you use at home may not work in a wall socket while traveling abroad because different countries have different plug shapes. So the reason why travel adapter exist is that it can make your plug fit into the sockets in another country. The travel adapter is also named as travel plug converter.

Travel Converter

Before discussing travel converters, you should know the dual voltage. Some of your electronics may not be used in other countries when traveling unless they are dual voltage. Because some countries like USA and Canada have 120V electricity while some countries in Europe have 220V electricity. Some electronics that support dual voltage have two options: 110-120V and 220-240V. These electronics are ideal for home and abroad. If your travel gear can’t support different voltage, it’ll blow out a fuse in your device or make your appliance not work.

Personally speaking, it’s not recommended to use travel converter as when the power voltage convert fails it may ruin many devices and even put things into dangerous situation. Therefore, it’s better to not use those electronics which can’t support dual voltage.

Tips on Choosing a Great Global Travel Adapter

  • Worldwide Universal Use

A global travel adapter enables your devices to be plugged into walls with different sockets in other countries than the one used by your country. As it’s known to all, not every countries share the same type of plug, the travel adapter comes from small and simple single-region adapters to universal versions that cover most countries on the plant. A worldwide universal travel adapter is a best accessory for those international travelers. Absolutely, you can buy individual travel adapter for each country you are going to visit. However, why not choose a global travel adapter to meet all your demand of charging or using devices in different countries?

There is Zendure global travel adapter for your option. See the details on Amazon and Newegg.

  • Check the Maximum Power Output

Before purchasing a global travel adapter, please remember to check the adapter's maximum power output, both for individual sockets and the entire adapter.

iPads and new iPhones require more juice than older phones and other small devices, so it’s ideal to plug it into higher-powered gadgets.

  • High Quality and Safe

If you use the travel adapter incorrectly, it may finally end of burning smell of your devices or even ruining of your house. It’s of great importance to choose a brand with high reputation which produces adapter with high quality. Zendure Passport travel adapter is the First Global Travel Adapter with auto-resetting Fuse all over the world. The auto-resetting fuse (patent pending) allows the adapter to recover from overloads without service or replacement. Besides, it is designed with four USB ports and covers more than 150 countries with USA/UK/EUROPE/AUS/CA/JP plugs standards included. Also two years warranty is provided.

  • As Small and Compact

Try to imagine how terrible it is when there is a bulky and big travel adapter hogging some serious space in your carry-on bag. That’s why you should choose the travel adapter as small and compact as possible.

The travel adapter comes with different shapes and sizes, but carry with a small, compact and multifunctional adapter will make it great for transferring from one country to another country. Zendure global travel adapter weighs only 5.6oz/159g, which feels like nothing in your bag. It’s an ideal and perfect item to bring.

  • One is Enough

With a global travel adapter which is flexible enough to fit all kinds of socket standards, you can easily carry it wherever you go---One is enough for all your electronic devices. It saves your money, gives you more space in your luggage and solves the problem of charging in different country.