How to Charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for the First Time

The first thing you may ask when you get your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unboxed might be whether it should be fully charged first. It’s common that people worry about their new phone will be damaged by their incorrect first charging. But is it really true that we should so careful about the first charging? Read on to find out.

Where are the worries about “first charging” from?

“Should I first charge my new phone after the battery drain entirely?”, “Should I charge my new phone to 100% at the first time?”, “how long to charge my phone at the first time”. These are frequently asked questions by people who just upgraded to a new phone. But where are all these concerns from? We found that people’s worries are all more or less related to something called “memory effect”. According to Wikipedia, the explanation is as follows:

“Memory effect, also known as battery effect, lazy battery effect, or battery memory, is an effect observed in nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries that cause them to hold less charge. It describes the situation in which nickel-cadmium batteries gradually lose their maximum energy capacity if they are repeatedly recharged after being only partially discharged. The battery appears to “remember” the smaller capacity.”

However, it is clear that the “memory effect” only happens when the battery is nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. The modern batteries are almost all lithium-ion made, so it’s a different situation. In fact, lithium-ion battery works its most when it is not fully charged or discharged. Put Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a case, you are not suggested to first charge it when the battery runs to zero, or fully charge it to 100%.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Then here comes to another question — Why lithium-ion batteries work to the best when they were kept in the middle range of charge?

The possible explanation might be linked to chemical reaction within the battery. As we know from high school, there are anode, cathode and electrolyte where ions move from one side to the other and finally generate charges. And as the nature of chemical reaction, it is harder and slower on its beginning and end. So when comes to recharge your new phone, it would be the same. In another word, if you charge the battery when it still keeps 20% charge for instance, it will be easier for the battery to work inside. And remove the charger when the battery is 80% charged will also relief it some so to reduce more “wear and tear.”

charge samsung galaxy note 9

Tips on How to Charge Your New Phone Properly

Based on the theory above, we know how to charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 properly (if it is the case) so to extend its battery lifespan.

  1. Charge it 40% to 80% in one go
  2. Not drop below 20%
  3. Best to keep it around 50%
  4. Once a month to a charge cycle ( full charge it once a month)

Experts say that full charge your phone once a month is to recalibrate the battery and it’s helpful to the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When comes to the proper way to charge a phone, some people may ask whether right or not to let their phone be charged for a whole night. Well, it won’t do much harm to the battery thanks to the modern smart charging technology. There is an Integrated Circuitry (IC) in your smartphone which can control the input and output of power. It will cut the power when your phone at its overcharging condition and protects it from undercharged condition. However, given the “reaction” truth which was mentioned above, it is wiser to remove the charger when it is properly charged.

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