How to Charge iPhone XS Three Different Ways

Apple announced its new iPhones, iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, on September 12, 2018. They are the twelfth-generation flagships of the iPhone, which have better performance than ever before.

One question you may be concerned about is how can you fast charge your new iPhone? it is important for those who have already bought or are going to buy. Let’s talk about the different three ways for charging the iPhone XS.

Three Ways to Charge iPhone XS

Charge with a USB Cable

  • USB-A to Lighting Cable

As it is confirmed by some early adopters that Apple shipped with a lightning cable which combined a USB-A charger in their iPhone boxes.

However, the 5W USB-A to lighting cable is a disappointment for those who hoped for something beefier with fast charging. This means that if buyers want to take advantage of any fast charging solutions, they’ll need a new power brick to do so. If you are a buyer who wants to pursue fast charging for your new iPhone XS, the Zendure SuperCord USB Cable, which is certified by Apple for high speed charging with compatible lighting devices could be your best choice.

  • USB-C to Lighting Cable

Apple is set to pack a charging cable with a USB-C connector in the box with its next-generation range of iPhones. The following image shows a USB-C connector (left) next to Apple's Lightning cable (right).

If you want to fast charge you iPhone XS within a short time by using a USB PD charger, this USB-C to Lighting Cable is the only official cable available to realize it.

Charge with a Power Bank

Charging you phone or other devices by power bank is a popular way to get your devices back to 100% fully charged. There is no doubt that you can charge the iPhone XS by power bank, which is convenient for your daily life or work. There are many advantages if you choose power bank to charge your iPhone XS:

Fast-Charge Speed

Charges your device to full battery within a short time.

Portable and Compact

The power bank charger is portable for you to bring it in the office, or while on vacation because it is compact design for portable carrying everywhere whether at home or on office or traveling on your vacation. It does not need sockets, and the portability will certainly help you stay away from a terrible situation when your phone runs out of battery.


Not only can it charge several smart phones, but also your computer, video player and other devices at the same time, depending on the number of ports and the output power.

Zendure A8PD power bank has 5 USB-C PD ports to provide power charging for you devices. It can be your good choice for household, work or travel.

Charge with a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging means that there is no need for you to plug a cable into your smart phone to charge. What you need to do is just simply placing it face up on a special mat or tabletop to start charging up your smart phone’s battery.

Imagine how convenient it will be if you can easily fast charge your iPhone XS by just placing it on the wireless charging mat without worrying about plugging the cable in, overcharging or overheating problems. This is how wireless charging experience benefits you.

The operation principle of wireless charging is that it uses magnetic induction to charge your iPhone. The things you should concern are the wireless charger fast charge performance and the charge safety. There is a Zendure Qi wireless charger that can solve all these problems. You needn’t to worry about that its charging speed is too slow as it delivers a maximum 10W charging speed.

The Zendure wireless charger also built up with overheating and short circuit protection which guarantee the safety of your using. Except this, it has soft LED light which shows charging process but won’t interrupt your dreams when you are sleeping.

We can take advantages of these three ways of charging in different situations, thus enjoy the convenience of modern inventions!