How to Charge iPhone X Plus Faster

Apple updates its phones every year but upgrading never happens to its 5W charger. However, rumor in 2018 has it that the new iPhone 9, iPhone X2 or iPhone X Plus would come with a 18W brand new charger in the box. Although most of Apple fans doubt it, it indeed something they want Apple to supply in its later iPhones.

Fast charging has been popular for some times, and as it brings so much convenience for modern people who live in a high-speed tempo life, it has gradually been one of the important reasons for purchasing a new smartphone. If you are diehard fan of Apple products but not satisfied with its charging speed provided by its original 5W charger, you can read on to know how to fast charge the upcoming iPhone X Plus.

The Right Charger is Key

It is straightforward to choose the right charger for your iPhone for faster charging speeds. There are different types of charger units supplied by Apple, ranging from 5W, 10W, 12W, 29W, 61W and 87W. Generally, we think that the higher the number of the watt, the faster the charging speed will be. However, things of charging never are this easy.

There is a limit of power it can draw at a certain time in your iPhone which is controlled by the adapter inside instead of the charger outside. So it is likely that an 87W charger charges the same as a 12W charger. In this circumstances, you are not recommended to buy an expensive 87W Apple Adapter for your iPhone X Plus. For specific chargers you may need for your iPhone X Plus, you can refer to: iPhone X charging speed compared: the fastest and easiest way to charge your iPhone from MacRumors.

Even Wireless Chargers are Faster than 5W Apple Chargers

Since Apple has upgraded its iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X to iOS 11.2 last year, it starts to support wireless charging and PD technology. A standard wireless charger is 7.5 watts, faster than charging via your spare MacBook port and original 5W charger, but it still not as fast as a 12W iPad charger. And as there is no wireless charging pad in your iPhone box, you need to spend extra around $50 to $60 in Belkin or Mophie wireless charging pad in Apple official website. If you have equipped with a 13 in or 15 in MacBook, then you can enjoy the fast PD technology by using the 61W or 87W Apple power adapter that comes with your MacBook. However, you need an extra USB-C to lightning cable which costs you $19.

Or You Only Want Tips & Tricks

If you want a higher watt charger, wireless charger or USB-C PD charger, you need to spend more money on your iPhone than just using the slow 5W charger, while the usual case is that we all don’t want to spend the extra cash. So it’s more practical in this case to arm yourself with some tips and tricks:

  1. Set your iPhone into airplane mode or turn it off while charging. This is quite understandable why it can charge your iPhone faster. The power is directly input into its battery and no split to the output.
  2. Do use your phone while charging. Many people like playing games, watching videos or multitask many other applications while charging, and this will definitely slow down the charging process or even cause overheating to mobile phones. Most people cannot turn off their phone completely as they may need to receive important messages or calls, but at least leave your phone alone when there are no such messages or calls.

If you are someone who usually forget to charge your phone and need to charge it to at least 30% 10 minutes before leaving home, you may need a PD charger. A fast charge is a short period of time is why it’s meaningful to us — large power input in super-short time.