How to Charge a New iPad the First Time

Charge a New iPad the First Time

New iPad owners usually wonder how long it should take to charge their precious devices the first time. It is widely advised that the battery of a new mobile phone should be charged for an adequately long period of time for complete activation of the lithium cell so that the phone will probably work more durably in the future.

In fact, it is the same case with a new iPad, within which a 25Whr rechargeable lithium battery is installed. This battery needs charging for eight consecutive hours for the first time; then it can be fully activated three times in a row. Issues deserving special attention during the first charge for a longer service life of the battery are listed as follows:

  1. Activation treatment has already been performed on the iPad battery before the device is delivered from the factory. Thanks to the very preliminary charging, the battery has remaining electricity. Some users provide feedback, saying that although they charge their own new iPad strictly according to the adjustment time, the standby time of it is still not long enough in later use. Actually, if the battery is really authentic, the adjustment time should be extended and then fully discharged for 3 to 5 times.
  2. Battery life is greatly affected by the number of its recharging and discharging times. Overcharging is detrimental to the battery in this regard, so it is essential to avoid charging for too long. And when the phone or iPad has been off for more than seven days, it is best for the battery to be fully discharged before being used again.
    Charge a New iPad the First Time
  3. Exposure to high or low temperatures of the battery is not suggested, which means that users would better not to put it under the sunlight or in an air-conditioning environment. In spite of the fact that when the battery is being charged up, the system will normally generate some amount of heat, users are still not suggested to expose the battery to high or low temperatures, but instead to charge it under circumstances of room temperature without any cover on it.
  4. When the battery has been fully charged, please remove it in time so as to avoid negative impacts of overcharging on the battery performance.
  5. Users are advised to use the original charger or that from the reputable and reliable third party. The lithium battery should be charged by the lithium battery charger and in line with the instructions; otherwise it would damage the battery or even bring unpredictably dangers.
  6. Select a compatible charger for the lithium battery so as to ensure that the battery can reach its saturation state. After being charged, the iPad should not be plugged in the charger over 12 hours, and the two devices should be separated if your iPad is going to be put aside and not for using for a long time.

If you expect a longer life of your iPad, in addition to follow the listed charging techniques, a high-quality charger is also essential.


portable charger for iPad

As one of the most reliable brands, Zendure is definitely a good choice for you to charge your iPad. SuperMini Portable Charger comes with powerful USB Type-C PD and a QC 3.0 USB-A port, so you can utilize either to quick-charge your iPad. and smart charging technologies which quick charge your iPad while protecting it from short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging.

If you are searching for a premium and high-capacity charger, Zendure A6PD is the best choice for you. Featuring Qualcomm QC 3.0 and USB-C PD as well, it can charge your iPad within several hours at top speed. With 20,100 mAh capacity, your iPad battery life can be easily extended about 2-3 times, freeing you from worries about it running out of juice wherever and whenever you take it on the go.

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In short, the brand-new iPads are advised to be charged until the battery is fully activated. It should be plugged in at room temperature to avoid overheating. Be aware of deeply discharging it before recharging if it hasn’t been used for too long. Using qualified chargers to charge your iPad is also very important. All the suggestions being given are about charging habits, so if you want a long lasting iPad battery, forming these good habits is your first step! 

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