How long does it take to fully charge a 2018 MacBook Air?

MacBook Air 2018 was the first product released at Apple's new product launch event in October. Because 2018 is the 10th anniversary of the official launch of the MacBook Air series, MacBook Air 2018 is of great significance. Used to be Apple's "thin and light" endorsement,what about the new MacBook Air’s performance?

GeekBench once measured MacBook Air 2018's performance with 4212 single core and 7858 multi-core. The overall performance of MacBook Air 2018 is progressive and better than the standard single core 3335 and multi-core 6119 of the MacBook 12.

At the same time, the new 2018 MacBook Air has probably the longest battery life among MacBook series yet. In the new technical specifications page of MacBook Air 2018 on Apple's official website, we can see that MacBook Air 2018 uses a 50.3Wh battery, and the old MacBook Air has a battery capacity of 54Wh. While the size, weight and battery capacity of MacBook Air 2018 are significantly lower than those of the older one, the battery life of MacBook Air 2018 is better thanks to its low energetic consumption processor. With MacBook Air 2018, the maximum browsing time of wireless network can be up to 12 hours, while the maximum viewing time of iTunes movies is a new record, which can last for 13 hours. This means that it has the best battery life of the current MacBook products.

So, to full charge MacBook Air 2018, how long does it take? According to the general practical use evaluations, it takes about 3 hours to charge it from 0 to 100% by the official charger. Of course, we often run into situations where we don't have a plug, but luckily there are plenty of power banks that can now be used to charge laptops.

To choose a portable charger for MacBook Air 2018, we first need to consider its compatibility and find out what kind of interface it has. MacBook Air 2018’s interface are completely replaced by USB type-c, which supports charging and data transmission. The two USB type-c ports on the left support Lightning 3, and the Lightning 3 interface offers a combination of superior speed and rich functionalities. Its bandwidth is up to twice as wide as that of Lightning 2, which combines data transmission, video output and charging into a small interface. It is also integrated with USB-C to increase the convenience and ease of use, creating a truly universal port. With Lightning 3, MacBook Air 2018's USB-C port can be used for two-way power delivery, which can be used to recharge the device itself or to connect to other devices for charging, such as iPhones or other laptops. So, if you’d like to choose a portable charger for MacBook Air 2018, it’s best to choose ones with USB-C ports.

The next consideration factor is capacity -- after all, we need a power bank to charge a relatively larger laptop rather than a smart-phone. In addition, in order to achieve excellent mobile officing, a power bank for MacBook would better have multiple functions. Here, Zendure’s SuperTank, a versatile portable charger that fits MacBook Air best.

SuperTank: Best Power Bank for Your MacBook Air 2018

Best Power Bank for MacBook Air

SuperTank is the most versatile power bank you have ever seen, featured in and received Android Police's Most Wanted Award. SuperTank is highly recommended by Engadget, Appleinsider and Tech for Travel. Its whopping 27,000 mAh capacity is powerful enough to extend your MacBook Air battery and double the battery life. 

SuperTank has a few highlights that makes it really different. SuperTank has four USB ports, two USB-C and two USB-A ports. One is a 100W and the other is a 60W ports. This is a HUGE amount of power for a portable charger. Enough to charge your MacBook Air (or even MacBook Pro) at full speed!

Thanks to pass-through charging or we call it UPS mode, SuperTank could charge your MacBook Air 2018 while it recharges as well, which is really useful when both SuperTank and your MacBook Air are out of power but there is only one plug. Another great feature is its X-Charge low-power charging mode, which provides almost unlimited low output to charge smaller devices such as wearable devices. Most people who have a MacBook Air 2018 may be Apple fans, and they are likely to have an Apple Watch or Airpods, thus SuperTank is a perfect companion. 

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Best Power Bank for MacBook Air


At present, the starting price of new MacBook Air 2018, lightweight MacBook and high-performance MacBook Pro is almost the same. As a consumer who wants to buy a MacBook laptop, how to choose? Is the new MacBook Air 2018 worth buying? In fact, regardless of portability or performance, MacBook Air is somewhere between MacBook Pro and MacBook. Overall, today's MacBook Air is the choice Apple gives mainstream users. It has better battery life, relatively stronger portability, good appearance, and its performance can comprehensively cover all scenarios of 90% users, thus it’s a popular product. So if you want to experience Mac laptops without professional requirements, the brand-new MacBook Air 2018 is indeed a great choice.


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