Does OnePlus 6 Have Wireless Charging?

Updating and upgrading frequently occurs in the smartphone industry. Most phone brands choose to release two versions of its product each year. OnePlus has recently added OnePlus 6 into its smartphone family. Now, it is available on the market. After years of wireless charging appearances, it has been a trend of new smartphones to be wireless charging compatible. However, OnePlus seems to love dash charging, and doesn’t bring any charging changes to this new generation.

It’s rather surprising that OnePlus 6 is not wireless charging supported with a glass back. (Which is one of wireless charging enabled features.) But will the lack of wireless charging be OnePlus 6’s disadvantage? Or, has the value of wireless charging been overrated all this time?

The pros and cons of wireless charging

Wireless charging in 2018 is a nice improvement of smartphones. While with its potential not fully realized, there are still some cons that make it inferior to wired charging. Here are some pros and cons of wireless charging.

Pros: New technology can bring us some benefits most of time and frees us from some pains. It’s the same case with wireless charging.

With it, people will go through fewer cables when their is phone out of juice — simply just dropping your phone down to start charging saves time and energy. More importantly, the problem of wear and tear on cables will be reduced to nothing. In the future, when all your accessories become wireless enabled, the biggest convenience you can enjoy is that you can toss everything into only one wireless charging pad! It will be safer and more ubiquitous.

Unlike wired charging, you don’t need to power your phone with a special type of cable. Wireless charging is as easy as connecting to Wi-Fi, and you can simply charge your phone wherever you go. No tangled cable in your bag and no low battery worries.

Cons: Lacking of efficiency is the main reason why OnePlus didn’t adopt wireless charging into its new generation. Compared to wired charging, wireless charging is much slower. Although the speed of charging has seen improvements, in some fast-wireless charging pads the Quick Charging technology in a cable is still unmatchable. Representatives from OnePlus said that, with its Dash charger, OnePlus 6 can last for a full day with only 30 minutes of charging.

Another issue with wireless charging is that it’s much harder to use your phone while it is charging. It should be stay on the mat till it is fully charged. While, with a wire, you can move as far as the wire let you. Playing while charging is always not recommended, but most people have already been habituated to it.

What’s your choice?

Before the potential of wireless charging is fully realized, you can always insist in wired charging. But if you’re more interested in what high-tech can bring you. Trying it is an optimal choice. Here comes a good recommendation.

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New things always take time to be convincing. Wireless charging will gradually become as common as wired charging. Maybe there will be no such a choice of wireless or wire for charging in the future if everything goes wireless in that time.