COVID-19 - Let's all do our best - A letter from the founders.

Dear Customers,

We have been closely watching the situation with the current COVID-19 pandemic and are deeply concerned, just as we're sure you are. The whole world is adapting to a rapidly changing situation. Our greatest concern right now is the health and welfare of those who are most vulnerable to this new disease, and we want to do what we can to help aid in the safety and peace of mind of our neighbors.

First, we would like to add our voices to the chorus of others urging you to follow the advice of the hard-working medical community. Practice social distancing and rigorous hygiene, and reduce and consolidate your outings to slow down the rate of spread. And crucially, stay up to date with the latest information on COVID-19. We recommend turning to the World Health Organization

Because of the dynamic nature of this global pandemic, we don't know what the weeks ahead will hold. In the event of a local power failure, we want to make sure that people have access to backup power. This is especially important for the situation we're currently facing. With social distancing and shelter-in-place practices in effect in many communities, countless people are feeling isolated and vulnerable. For many of us, our phones and the internet are currently our primary source of interaction with other people.

For this reason, we have assembled a few different emergency bundles of our products. These bundles are deeply discounted for two reasons. First, because we're more concerned with getting these products in the hands of people who need them than filling our pockets, and second, because clearing distributor warehouses of our existing inventory will help make additional room for food, water, and medical supplies, which may be vital in the weeks and months ahead.

A portion of the proceeds from these emergency bundle sales will be donated to the Red Cross Society's efforts in places that are heavily impacted by COVID-19.

You can find the emergency bundles here:

We wish all of you good health. Please stay safe and stay connected.


Bryan Liu and Tom Haflinger
Founders, Zendure USA Inc.