Best Samsung Galaxy Wall Charger

Samsung's Galaxy series, which are generally positioned at the mid and high-end market, are the highlights of Samsung. Now Samsung Galaxy covers different products, like mobile phones, tablets and intelligent accessories such as watches. Its series include series of S, C, Note, On, A, tab and J. The latest releases are Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, etc. Note 9 as the new handset of Note series, formally released on August 9, has the new S Pen, the intelligent cameras with scene recognition, bigger batteries and screen, etc.

After the Note 7 event, Samsung has been conservative when it comes to mobile phone batteries and charging technologies. However, Samsung is trying to rebuild consumer confidence step by step, one of the shinning points of Note 9 is its battery.

Note9: Samsung Galaxy’s Charging Updates

As to configuration, Note9 is equipped with snapdragon 845 processor, supporting dual-card dual-standby or single-card Micro SD memory card expansion (up to 512GB), the standard is 6GB+128GB and the high edition is 8GB+512GB. In terms of evaluation, Galaxy Note9 doesn't give a lot of surprises in its look and configuration.

To look for a breakthrough elsewhere, battery of Samsung Note9 has updated comparing to the previous. With a 4000mAh large capacity battery, Samsung says Note9 is able to offer all day battery life. There is no doubt that Note9’s battery life would be longer because S9+ already has been durable with only 3500mAh battery. And also, it supports fast charging and fast wireless charging.

Specifically, Note9 supports QC2.0 quick charging, its USB interface is USB 3.1 Gen1 with a theoretical maximum speed of 5Gbps.To find a best-fit wall charger for Samsung Galaxy Note9, one way is to use the native charger, another way is to use a third-part charger that is adaptive to the phone. Here comes a good choice: Zendure A-series 4-port USB high-speed wall charger, supporting QC2.0 so that you can not only use it to charge Note9 bust also all kinds of QC2.0-supported devices, including external batteries, phones, tablets, music players, cameras, e-readers, smart watches and more.

Zendure A-Series QC2.0 Fast Wall Charger

Zendure A-series QC2.0 fast wall charger packs a total 40W of power into its compact and durable form, which could charge a USB-C laptop and three USB-A devices simultaneously. Its quick charging speed saves your time and also its compact design makes it convenient for home use and travelers.

A-Series QC2.0 Fast Wall Charger Tells Its’ Story

  1. Why I’m fast: Equipped with one QC 2.0 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.2A port and three 5V/2.4A, I could provide your devices with large 40W max delivery power, the same or even quicker charging speed than the original chargers.
  2. Why I’m compact: Parts are put tightly in my small body with Zendure’s expert engineering and advanced technology. People say I’m one of the most compact and lightweight chargers on the market, an ideal charger especially for especially for people who travel a lot or designed for home use.
  3. Multiple safety protection system: When choosing a charging accessory or other digital gadgets, safety system is the number one to evaluate. Zendure’s mission is to deliver top-quality consumer electronics that exceed any others. With its long experience in producing charging electronics, every product of Zendure is equipped with multiple safety protection, strictly quality inspection checked and tested before selling to users.

As to this one, A-series high-speed charger, it is equipped with a multifaceted protection system to reduce the risk of over-power, overheating and short-circuit. The product is ETL, FCC & CE certified.

Quick charging has become a standard configuration of different mobile phone brand, especially of their flagship products. Some brands even have their exclusive charging technologies, for Samsung, it generally uses the quick charging technology dominated by Qualcomm.

To show its strong competitiveness in configuration of mobile phones, Samsung or any other mobile phone manufacturers should pay more attention to battery and charging, but so far battery life is still a problem. More and more products, accessories and charging solutions are created and updated to help people get better charging experience.