Best Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note9 is Samsung’s next annual flagship product, its release conference will be held in New York in August. There have been many people looking forward to the release.

Based on the current exposure, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a larger display (a 6.4-inch full-view curved display) than the 6.3-inch of Note 8. In addition, it also features a rear-mounted 20 million dual-camera, front-mounted 16-million-pixel camera and supports Bixby 2.0 voice assistant, new S-Pen, off-screen fingerprint, and face recognition.

Through the running sub-library of Geekbench, the performance of Note 9 has been greatly improved comparing to Samsung S9, that is because Note 9 will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 6GB running memory and Android 8.1 system. As to its battery and charging technology, it could be a breakthrough.

The Biggest Breakthrough of Note 9: Battery and Charging

Starting with Note 7, Samsung’s flagship phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just supporting QC 2.0 and delivered by about only 15W charging power. Of course, we know that Samsung is so conservative because of the impact of the previous Note 7 battery explosion event. However, in the current mobile phones market, fast charging has become the more and more competitiveness of the core.

According to FCC, this time Note 9 is about to break the "battery spell" starting from Note 7, which indicates that Samsung has settled down to balance fast charging and battery safety. Note 9 is to be equipped with a colossal capacity battery (4,000mAh), which is much improved. The charger model of Note 9 is EP-N6100, and its charging power is nominally 12V/2.1A, whose delivery power could be up to 25.2W, far exceeding Samsung's current highest specification of 9V/1.67A or 15W. So, this means that in addition to the larger battery capacity, it also supports the Samsung Fast Charge, which is probably the biggest breakthrough for Note 9 compared to its previous series phones.

Compatible Devices of Samsung Note 9 Fast Charge

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones support fast charging, which makes it difficult for people to choose and distinguish between good and bad. There are currently three representative fast charging technologies on the market: high-voltage fast charging represented by Qualcomm Quick Charge and MediaTek Pump Express Plus; low-voltage fast charging represented by OPPO VOOC flashing charging and USB 3.1 PD.

Samsung's fast charging has used Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, followed by Xiaomi, Sony, Asus, LG, LeTV, ZTE, HTC, Gionee and other smart phone brands in their high-end flagship products. These brands of mobile phone chargers can be universal.

Mobile phones using MediaTek PEP technology include Meizu MX5, PRO 6, MX6, etc. However, VOOC flash charging is an independent development technology of OPPO. It needs to be customized with special chargers, USB cables, power banks and batteries. The VOCO fast charging charger can't be used on other Android phones.

In general, mobile phones using Qualcomm QC and MediaTek PEP technology have certain advantages in convenience of charging. Especially when you forget to bring its official charger, cable or power bank, it’s relatively easier find alternatives. For Samsung Note 9, it could use devices which support Qualcomm QC to achieve fast charge.

A QC Power Bank Best for Note 9 

Pay attention, although accessories used by QC-supported devices like Note 9 are universal, to use a bank power to charge Note 9 and achieve fast charging effect, a power bank with the compatible fast charging technology is a must. Zendure A8 QC portable charger, recommended here today, is recognized by many electronics amateurs.

>>A8 QC: Enjoy the lighting charging speed

People call it a quick-charging monster, because it is one of the fastest charging external batteries in the market. We see it as the best power bank for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because of its two following features which are best fit for the large battery and fast charge requisite of Note 9.

  1. QC 3.0 technology: It has Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology certification, thus it is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and any other QC supported devices (almost all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices). With QC 3.0 you can charge your devices much faster than QC 2.0.
  2. Super large capacity: It is equipped with the highest capacity of Zendure (26,800mAh), which could charge your phone usage 7-9 times. And within just 10-12 hours, the portable charger itself could be recharged by a QC 3.0 charger.

Samsung has undergone great challenges due to Note 7 battery explore event, but it still be recognized widely by the market and people are looking forward to the release of Note 9 very much, which is maybe because smart phones of Samsung are addicted to improving its hardware infrastructure all the time. The best Note 9 is for you, and pick the best power bank Zendure A8 QC for it.