Best Power Bank for iPhone in 2018

Anyone who uses a smart phone knows the importance of carrying a backup power bank. It doesn't matter if you are supposed to get 12 hours or 2 hours of battery life — your iPhone X always manages to die at the most inconvenient occasions, but power saving mode can only get you so far.

Although it's already 2018, I believe every single one of us has experienced this inconvenient moment at least once, and smartphone battery issues are not going to stop anytime soon, so it's time to address this issue once and for all.

The solution is simple—Power banks. They are the perfect solution to save your iPhone battery and offer between 1 and 7 charges depending on the size. They can be kept in cars, purses, or even do double the work and be your phone case too, making them incredibly versatile and useful. But given the large number of options on Amazon, you might feel overwhelmed, understandably. Besides the various charging specs, ports, and even cables you have to consider, there are a ton of competing brands.

In this review article we decided to do the legwork for you, acquiring a wide range of power banks from Zendure and show you some of the best power banks for your iPhone. Tired of reading those top 10 best "style", we'll only show you 2 instead.

In fact there are only two series in Zendure, one is X6 type and the other is the A series power banks. A series are aim to introduce an external battery that was tough enough to go anywhere, while also making sure it looked good enough that you'd want to take it everywhere. Dual-injection molding. ABS/PC composite. Reinforced shell. You probably won't ever need to think about the technology that goes into the A-Series, and you probably won't run over your battery with a car like we did. But when you hold an A-Series External Battery in your hand, you'll know why those details matter to us.

1. Zendure X6 Power Bank and USB Hub with 45W PD & QC

Zendure X6 was originated from one of the most successful power bank portable charger crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo and trusted by over 2,000 backers worldwide.

Equipped with the latest PD fast-charging technology, X6 provides full speed charging for your MacBook, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus. It is compatible with QC 3.0 devices and can charge QC 2.0/3.0 equipped devices up to 80% in 35 minutes thanks to ZEN+ 2.0 smart quick charge port.

Designed around backers’ requests, USB Hub mode can sync and manage your files with 2 extra USB-A ports between USB-C Hub port. With 20,000 mAh Capacity, X6 powers iPhone and Galaxy up to 6 times, offers a 1.1 charges to 12'' Macbook, 3.2 charges to Nintendo Switch. And if you are worried that there are too many electronic devices to be charged, X6 can perfectly solve it with its 5-Port output. Built-in PD USB Type-C port, a ZEN+ 2.0 QC port and 3 ZEN+ ports can support 5 devices simultaneously.

Someone may worry that it may not be allowed to use on air. Well, Zendure X6 power bank (74.37 wh) is allowed by TSA to be transported in carry-on bags on a plane.

Last but not least, you can charge your phones or compatible laptop while Zendure X6 is being charged.

2. Zendure Slim 18W PD 10000 Power Bank

Feature 1: It’s Designed with 10,000 mAh in a slimline, lightweight frame that matches your iPhone’s thin design.

Feature 2: Slim body makes it easy to put it in your pocket or backpack when your phone’s battery is dead.

Feature 3: Power Delivery & ZEN+ 2.0 Fast-Charging: Thanks to Power Delivery, charges iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes; Powers your Nintendo Switch for 6 more hours of playing. Moreover, charges compatible devices up to 80% in the first 35 minutes, which is 4X faster than conventional charging.

Feature 4: Pass-Through Charging: You can charge your phone or tablet while Slim power bank is recharging.

Feature 5: 10,000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery: High-density battery provides 2.5 charges for iPhone X, 3.3 charges for iPhone 8, 2.1 charges for Galaxy S9 Plus and a charge for iPad. Bring on a plane worry-free!